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What Is Lead and Asbestos Testing?

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Asbestos is one of the most common causes for lead and asbestos testing. When it comes to home paints, lead and asbestos testing has become almost mandatory. Paints can contain a wide range of different chemicals that can not only be harmful to your health but also cost you a fortune. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars fixing damage caused by their home’s paint, so it’s important to know what you are dealing with. With the new technologies available today, you can find out if you have been exposed to lead and asbestos while painting, and whether or not the damage is covered by your home warranty.

There are many different reasons

Why you might need a lead and asbestos testing inspection, and they include the following: Lead and Asbestos Testing If you have an old house, it’s very likely that your inspector has you perform a lead and asbestos testing before the home is sold. This is very important, as lead paint can not only be bad for the home, but also very expensive. If your inspector does not perform an inspection on your house, he is not necessarily making you feel any better about the condition of your home.

When you sell a home, you might receive an offer that is significantly lower than you might otherwise get it. This is probably because you are being offered a great price. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the lead and asbestos testing done before the sale, the new owner will not know what the danger was, and may decide to move quickly, just to get rid of the problem. Before selling, you need to know that not only are lead pipes showing up all over the place, but so are paint chips, peeling paint and other types of paint problems.

In addition to lead and asbestos testing

Inspectors also perform abatement. Abatement can be done on just about any surface, even concrete, if there are cracks and openings in the wall. If your home has been built before 1978, it’s very likely that you will need some type of lead and asbestos abatement during the staging stage. Some types of abatement require professional assistance, while others are doable by homeowners themselves. Homeowners should make sure they understand what type of abatement will be required before bidding on a home.

As a result of lead and asbestos testing. Some sellers will perform lead and asbestos testing and then perform an abatement on their own. Although these tests are usually pretty easy to do by homeowners, their effectiveness is not known. Lead and asbestos abatement does not guarantee removal of all risk from a home. Some parts of a home, especially those that were never built with asbestos materials. May never be able to be totally sealed off from the risk of lead dust and its harmful effects. An accurate risk assessment for a particular house is needed to ensure that the home is safe.

An interesting fact about lead and asbestos testing

That the health department does not test for the substance anymore. In the past, health departments performed regular lead and asbestos testing. But because of the lawsuits that arose from the substance, they stopped doing so. The main reason was to protect the homeowners from lawsuits generated by individuals suffering from lead poisoning. It is not clear whether or not the health department will resume testing once new studies have been completed. At this time, they state that more studies need to be conducted. But they will continue to monitor existing testing to ensure compliance with the law.


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