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What is ITAD?

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No matter what kind of business you are in, it’s safe to say that technology plays an important role in your work. Whether you run an agribusiness or a hedge fund, you cannot stay at the top of your field without the right computer hardware. But what happens when your computers age and need to be taken out of service? How can I safely dispose of my old equipment?

This raises all sorts of data security questions as you don’t want attackers to collect information from your old hardware. It also raises environmental concerns as you want to make sure your old computers aren’t harming ecosystems or water supplies.

This is where IT Asset Management (ITAD) comes into play. So what is ITAD? This is the practice of safely disposing of unnecessary IT equipment and equipment. A good ITAD supplier knows how to safely wipe your old equipment and throw it away. ITAD companies can also find out which parts of your unused equipment can be reused or recycled.

‌ Keep reading to learn more about exactly how ITAD works and why it is such an important area today. We’ll also learn how to recognize a good ITAD company and what these services can do for your business.

Why is ITAD important?

As a business grows, it inevitably requires more computers and networking equipment. Some of this equipment will survive to the end of its life cycle, and some will probably need to be upgraded and replaced before its natural life cycle expires. The increasing complexity of equipment and the rapid switchover of this equipment have made the solution to the problem of disposing of IT assets more and more urgent.

Data security and environmental concerns have also made ITAD a more complex process than it once was. The days when computer equipment was simply shredded and then thrown into a heap of scrap metal are a thing of the past. Now, computer equipment must be disposed of in a safe way so that heavy metals, chemicals and other harmful compounds that they contain do not enter our soil and water.

Likewise, data privacy regulations have changed the way companies, organizations and governments dispose of unwanted equipment.

A good ITAD service provider can solve these problems and also help your business save money in its IT budget. Ideally, your ITAD service center will be able to recycle or repair most of your old equipment and may even be able to resell units that still have some useful life. … This means more money can be put back into your budget, making it easier to keep your IT infrastructure at the forefront.

Reuse and recycling

A good ITAD service provider can help you create a resilience plan. This means carefully exploring the reusability of any device in your company. It also means exploring secondary and tertiary markets for hardware that can be reused in other data center environments (after data cleansing, of course).

‌There is also a growing movement to repair and repurpose equipment when possible, which reinforces the movement for sustainable equipment and emphasizes achieving zero waste. This is ultimately a win-win scenario as it saves money for businesses and reduces the drain on global resources.

‌ The ITAD service provider must strive to be good at managing your resources – and global resources.

What to look for at ITAD

When choosing a company as your ITAD supplier, there are several key points to consider.

The first thing to ask is certificates. There are several certifying bodies that set industry-leading standards for the recycling and reuse of electronics, including R2, e-Stewards, and NAID. An ITAD supplier or electronics recycler without any of these certifications may offer to pay for your equipment as junk, but they do not offer you the full protection of a proper ITAD.

‌ Talk to them about their data cleansing procedures and ask questions about the different methods they use to erase data from media before processing it for resale or recycling. Ask how they monitor their workflow, monitor their suppliers, and protect devices from transportation at all stages of their disposal.

In short, a great ITAD company will be involved at every stage of your IT equipment lifecycle and will add value at every stage while minimizing your environmental impact.


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