What is gear shaving cutter? Why it is used?

We all have heard of a gear hobbing machine which cuts the threads in blank gears and cavities. In those, there are some which are not in good form to have some metal stick to the surface of cutting. It is which needs to be smoother if not then the two threads together. It will be stuck and will not be able to process the energy due to friction it might break or may change the whole system of the mechanical instrument. So, we need to correct the errors and surface smoothening system which is a gear shaving cutter. 

Shaving is the term used when we say we cut a beard and the process of cutting it out and giving it a clean look, that’s exactly what gear shaving tool kits and gear shaving cutters do. 

How is this gear shaving cutter works? 

There are several types of this tool kit mostly there are manual once which causes the human error. It requires experience and patience. It is a torch kind of a tool. All it needs had to be very accurate while shaving the head. If it is not do so, it is moving in rotational motion like a drill bit. The tool kit is thicker than usual chops of all the small particles of metal. It and gives a finished look that helps in cooperation with other gears.

Reasons why shaving gears is given complete importance-

  • Gear tooth tolerance is the gauge distance between the surface of two gear teeth while in contact that cannot be far away. Users even won’t be able to touch and pressurize and move to another part. 
  • It is where things are require to judge the depth is need and the gauge distance can not be as such which just blocks the whole surface so the gear won’t be able to move in rotation it may break or fail the machine.
  • For the same dimension of gear, the shaving toolkit is require the same so nee need to think of what to change. Gear shaving cutter design for the entire design, things are highly planned and offered with better scaling. 
  •  While shaping helical spindle, the rack of each section blade surface or tooth surface has some definite rules and numbers which cannot less or more than the tolerance level as it needs to be fitt with another machine with the same requirement of gear.
  • It is also call ger honing means repeating the same task over and over again till it becomes smooth enough. It is not that it does not require friction but at a certain level. 
  • While moving inside a machine if there is friction which is more than requirement. There be producing heat and that is not good for any machine. It can destroy it so it’s good to check the spur has geometrical stability. As well as it has a certain amount of friction which will allow the gear to improve.


So, gear hobbing is not only important making is dimensional stability which will increase the longevity of the product. And as India is growing in terms of automobiles and other factories. Which has machines include the gear part so it becomes very important. And necessary for those who requires a well-balanced product.


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