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What Is An MOT Test And How To Pass It

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The MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport, responsible for checking the vehicles and declaring their eligibility for the UK roads. If you own a vehicle older than three years, you must take this test mandatorily. MOT pass certificate is crucial for legal driving on UK roads.

If you are driving with a failed or an expired certificate, you will attract license points, which will add up to a hefty fine. These points will also give you a hard time during the renewal process. The pass certificate is valid for one year, so you must take this exam annually.

Passing this test is not so difficult, yet 2 in 5 people fail to clear it due to their negligence and lack of routine care. Therefore, you must ensure that your vehicle is up to date with servicing and repair or refurbishment processes.

Most of the people who fail this test encounter easily fixable issues. So, ask your mechanic to run a thorough check on all the accessories and parts to ensure smooth functioning. If you are new to this test, here is an article to assist you by encompassing everything about this test and easy ways to pass it.

What is an MOT test?

As discussed earlier, MOT is a test to determine a vehicle’s eligibility for the UK roads. The test parameters do not include engine, clutch or gearbox performances. It only runs a test on the vehicle’s emission and safety standards. Also, the visibility and driving comfort is checked by the examiner. Therefore, if you are up to date with your vehicle’s assessment and maintenance, you have nothing to worry about.

How long does an MOT test take?

A typical MOT test takes somewhere around 45-60 minutes. However, if your car has some maintenance issues, it will be sent into repair, and a retest will be conducted. This whole process can take up some time. However, you have an option to drive away if you fail the test, but driving without a pass certificate will void your insurance and jeopardize your license.

Additionally, advisory notes are not uncommon, but they do not affect the pass certificate. These notes are handed out for minor issues that don’t need immediate attention.

How to prepare for this test?

It is quite easy to prepare your vehicle for this test. While most of the preparation work can be done personally, some replacement and repair work might require professional assistance. Discussed below are some of the things you must check before appearing for the MOT Bolton .

Cleanliness: Wash your vehicle inside and clean out all the debris and garbage from the boot space. The examiner might refuse to run the test on a dirty vehicle so take care of the hygiene and cleanliness before appearing for the test.

Brakes: Brakes are one of the primary drivers of emission and safety. Therefore, keep your brake fluid recharged. Just pop your hood and locate the master cylinder. There you will find the brake fluid chamber. If it’s running low, recharge with the prescribed fluid.

Lights: All the bulbs and the lamps must be in proper working condition and flicker-free. Also, ensure that they are responsive to the driving controls.

License plate: The license must be clear and legit, and tightly screwed in its position. Also, the bulb over the plate must be in proper working condition.

Towbar: The towbar at the rear end must be fixed at the recommended height. Also, it must be free of rust and corrosion.

Tyres: The tyres Bolton pressure must be maintained at the recommended level, and the tyre tread must have a minimum depth of 1.6 mm. Take the famous penny test to ensure a safe tread depth.

Windscreen: The windscreen must be spot-free and thoroughly clean. Also, if it has any cracks wider than 1 cm, the screen must be replaced.


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