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What is an e-mail warming and why do you need to do it?

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In today’s pandemic scenario when every industry is going online and work from home has become a new normal, the role of e-mail has increased in our life. Email is the easiest tool for communicating with people all over the world. In an email, there is a concept known as e-mail warming or IP address warming. So what is e-mail warming? Why do you need to do it? Let’s check out this article!

 This slow and steady process of email warming helps to generate a reputation with ISPs i.e Internet Service Providers as an authorized email sender.

So Whenever you decide to add a new  IP address to the account, you have to warm it up. You also have to warm up your IP address if you have not sent it in for more than 1 month. Warming up the email id or IP address allows you to slowly send more emails over the new IP to generate a good reputation of a sender.

Whenever any ISP experiences an email suddenly coming from a new IP address, then they will take notice and begin monitoring the traffic coming from the IP address immediately. Although the ISPs treat the volume of e-mail as a key factor when investigating spam, it is good to start sending a small to medium volume, eventually working your way up to a big volume. This generally gives the receiving providers of e-mail a chance to closely monitor your sending nature and record how your receivers are engaged with your email.

There are many e-mail warm-up services that you can apply in your e-mail. The e-mail warm-up services are free as well as paid.

What is an e-mail warming?

Email warm-up is an important component behind the victory of Email Marketing. It represents a way of making an email address for future campaigns and helping it avoid the spam folder. Email warm-up which is also called IP warming is a process that gradually increases your email sending capacity. To build a good image, your email address has to be warmed up. A warmed-up email has been sending and receiving emails daily and its done by email marketing service providers. An email address could be at various stages depending on how you use the account and how old your domain is.

Why you should do E-mail warming?

E-mail warmup is very necessary if you want to build a reputation and have a good delivery rate. It is very important when you are thinking of a large volume of cold email campaigns with a new email account to make sure that your email is landing in the inboxes.

So this is why you should do email-warming. Also in a cold email campaign, the thing you should first is to reach the inbox of the receiver and once you are there it would build a good relationship if you have good engagements. If your email is well warmed before it has been sending as a cold email, it will avoid spam and get delivered in the box. It will also have a high open-rate too.

How to Warm up an Email address?

There are major 7 steps that will be required to warm up your email address. The required steps are mentioned below-:

1. Authenticate Your E-mail Account-:

First of all, you need to authenticate or verify your E-mail account. The Authentication will make your account secured against the SPAM filters and your emails will be rightly delivered into the inbox.

2. Send Individual Emails -:

This is the second step while warming up your e-mail address. The email warmup process begins by sending the email which is manually done to your colleagues and friends to start a conversation.

3. Maintain the conversation Threads-:

This is the third most step while warming up your e-mail.  Having some regular conversations is important as it is a continuous process that takes two to three months. If possible, add your email address on the website for incoming emails and reply to those with whom you can conversate easily.

4.  Maintain the time between two mails (consecutively coming)-: If you try to send many emails consecutively, it would affect the domain reputation.

The best way to avoid this type of time halt is to have a huge time interval between the two mails which you are planning to warm up.

5. Best Bonus tips-:

These are some of the bonuses practices which will help you in email- warming of your email addresses.

⦁          Always try to write like a human

⦁          Use limited links in the content of your e-mail.

⦁          Use limited files of media like images, GIFs, or videos.

⦁          Avoid automation during email warmup.

Best E-mail warm-up Services in 2021 (Free + Paid)

Spam emails generally remain half of all the email traffic, So email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Zoho — have all the developed filters which are very effective to protect their e-mail services users from spam. Email warm-up services generate activity on your email account to prove that you’re a trustworthy sender. Also if you’ve used an email account for months or years without a problem, it’s still worthy to use an email warming service to lessen your risk of being sent to spam. Below are some of the best e-mail warm-up services that will help in your work’s smooth functioning without any interruption. Some of them are free too.

1. lemwarm e-mail warm-up service

2. TYou can Manually warm up your inbox

3. QuickMail Auto Warmer (Free)

4. Warmup Inbox (Paid)

5. Warmbox

6. Mailwarm


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