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What Is Amaze PXM Product Information Management (PIM) and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

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In the digital landscape where business growth is directly attributable to product experience, data integration and information management is becoming paramount throughout the product buying journey. Thanks to Amaze PXM’s Product Information Management (PIM) system, businesses are more empowered today to handle and distribute product data across multiple channels. If you are a business seeking a reliable and wholesome solution to information management, nothing will help you better than Amaze PIM software. Before discussing how Amaze PIMbenefits enterprises, let us first know what it is.

What is Amaze Product Information Management?

Amaze PIM is AI-powered native cloud software designed to offer end-to-end control over product information andexperience design. It helps add, edit, delete, and manage product data using a set of tools incorporated in no time and with minimal effort. Everything, from multiple catalog creation to taxonomy & categorization and schema building to validation management, gets easier and quicker with the Amaze PIM system at work.

PIM is critical for digital success and Amaze is here to help!

Amaze PXM’s product information management has a centralized database where features, specifications, images, and other pieces of product information are stored. The data accumulated is then distributed through relevant channels, such as e-commerce and social media platforms. Managing product information without an efficient software solution, as the Amaze PIM system, becomes tedious and cumbersome when the data size grows with the business. So, Amaze PIM softwareis what you can count on for smooth, accurate, and efficient data handling. A few benefits that you can reap as a business are as follows:

How Can Amaze PIM System Benefit Businesses?

Efficient Product Data Management

Efficiency is always there when working with Amaze Product Information Management, no matter how large or small the business is. With new products coming in and going out more frequently than ever in today’s fast-paced, digital business environment, the data load keeps mounting; and managing it is time-taking and slow. It may further lead to inefficiency and inconsistency while handing product data in bulk. One solution to it is Amaze PIM softwareItkeeps track of product informationwith greater efficiencythroughout its buying journey, saving businesses a great deal of time and effort.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers will never know what is new in the basket unless you make them aware of the same. For this to happen at the drop of a hat, Amaze PXM’s PIM systems come instrumental. With Amaze PIM, customers have round-the-clock access to product information. They can also research what they want, and they remain more informed about your products. It results in reduced instances of returns and enhanced customer experience.

Centralized Enrichment and Data Storing

Amaze PIM software acts as a central hub, helping businesses and customers find all the relevant information about a particular product. The centralized data storing makes it easy and time-efficient for you to add, locate, edit, or delete product information. The time saved can be used in acquiring new customers and extending your customer base.

Multichannel Data Distribution

Amaze Product Information Management (PIM) streamlines subscription and publishing of product information across your marketing and commerce channels. A reliable system as Amaze PIM can create multiple product catalogs for different channels at once and can distribute product information all across. So, companies selling products through various channels can leverage product data syndication feature of the Amaze PIM systemthrough its bridge software.Boost your business’s digital commerce growth through a robust #productcontent strategy and ensure product content is syndicated to your priority channels seamlessly.

About Author:

Blue Meteor Inc. headquartered in Chicago, US. is a SaaS company pioneering in creating eCommerce software and technology solutions. Blue Meteor’s primary focus is on transforming B2B and B2C companies by establishing an efficient and effective eCommerce strategy built on the bedrock of product experience. 

Developed by Blue Meteor, Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence powered native cloud software that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, catalog creation, experience design, digital asset management and data syndication. Amaze PXM is a culmination of Blue Meteor’s two decades of experience in the product content industry gained by working with world’s leading Fortune 500 companies to create best-in-class product content and customer experiences.  With 3 global offices in US, UK and India, Blue Meteor’s mission is to enable merchants and brands to sell more by delivering best-in-class online Product Experience.



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