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What is a Firewall and What are the Benefits of Using One?

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A firewall is a security measure that prevents unauthorized electronic access to your local area network. It is usually installed on the boundary of the security perimeter, which protects all devices in the LAN from any malicious outside connections or intrusions. The most common use for firewalls is found in homes and small businesses, but they are also increasingly being used by larger organizations with complex security needs. There are many benefits of using a firewall, including increased security for your networked devices and the protection of your valuable data.

The security firewall is a set of security measures implemented to segregate an area network from the rest of the world. It prevents unauthorized electronic access. The measures may consist of integrated collection of hardware security devices and secured software configurations. A security measure that prevents unauthorized or illegal entry into your LAN (local area network).

This protection can be achieved through technical means; for example, by setting up rules in routers or configuring Windows Firewall on all computers within your local network, as well as establishing policies such as only allowing known users onto servers hosted locally. Many organizations face challenges when trying to decide which type of security perimeter works best for their environment.

Firewalls are primarily installed at boundary between two networks with different trust levels, where they enforce security policies selectively. Firewalls provide a security barrier between public and private computer networks and can be used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing sensitive resources or to shield internal network services from external visibility. They are also useful in providing an extra layer of security for web-based applications such as online banking, shopping, email etc. where the user’s browser is routed through the firewall before entering any site behind it.

Firewall is a service which allows you secure your onlineshop by implementing security measures that protect your customer’s data when they shop via your website. SecureCommerce provides protection against fraud attempts including credit card theft at checkout, fake registrations with stolen payment details, account hijacking and other types of attacks associated with security vulnerabilities of Magento websites.


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