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What is a Corn Cob LED and What Can You Use it For?

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It’s quite possible that you have heard of or use LED lights in your home, at your place of work, or just around town in the stores you frequent. LED lights are becoming the future of lighting, as many people are switching out their traditional bulbs for a more cost effective and energy efficient solution. There are many different benefits to switching to LED bulbs, which we will get into later, but more importantly, there are many different types of bulbs that LEDs can be used in.

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Have you ever heard of a corn cob LED light bulb? Despite the funny name, they can actually be extremely useful when trying to light a big area. The name of this light bulb stems from the actual appearance of this light bulb. It does, in fact, resemble corn on the cob. What is so useful about these specific types of bulbs, is that the LED lights go all the way around, which can, in turn, illuminate a bigger area with just one of these bulbs.

While most light bulbs function the same way, a corn cob light has farther reach. A corn cob bulb has lines of small square light diodes that span around all sides of the tube. The actual “cob” of this light bulb can contain individual LED lights. The average amount of LED lights that can fit on a corn cob bulb spans from 80 to around 110. It all depends on the actual size of the bulb and the style in which it comes in.

As mentioned above, LEDs have really increased in popularity over the past few years. Mainly due to the cost effectiveness and the amazing energy efficiency, but also because these lights are incredibly easy to install. Plus, given how long they last, there’s no other reason why anyone wouldn’t switch to LEDs.

Corn cob lights in particular are an amazing choice for anyone needing LED light bulbs to illuminate bigger spaces. Not only is the installation very easy, but the cost is mainly affordable, you can save on your electricity bill, and the average lifespan of these bulbs can be up to 25 years (which is insane).

If you’re convinced of switching to a new type of LED bulb, like the corn cob, you have to learn about the different ones that you can choose from.

Which Corn Cob LED Bulb Do You Choose?

There are actually two different types of LED corn cob lights. One of which offers about 180 degrees of light, where the other type offers a full 360 degrees of light. There is something called a flat bulb, which spans 180 degrees and the 360 degrees bulb is called the corn bulb.

A flat bulb offers light that is focused downward. A 360 corn bulb shows light in all directions, which many people often prefer. The 360 corn bulb gives off more light in all directions and is actually more cost effective. No matter if you’re using these bulbs for outdoor or indoor applications, many lightning professionals recommend the 360 corn cob bulb.

Speaking of lighting professionals, if you are unsure of which type of corn cob bulb would be best for you, consider speaking with an experienced team of people who know everything there is to know about these kinds of things.

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