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What Happens If I Don’t Choose The Right Car Tyres

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Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle. They connect you to the road while carrying your vehicle’s load. Thus, you must invest in your car tyres. Many people remember to invest in their tyres but forget to buy the right tyres.

The right tyres for your vehicle depend upon a lot of things. It would help if you referred to your vehicle’s manual to find the right tyre size and consider your driving routes for the correct tyre type.

If you don’t, here is what can happen:

Your tyres can wear prematurely

Firstly, tyre browsing is a tricky job as it takes a lot of things into consideration. Secondly, good tyres don’t come cheap. Therefore, you don’t want your tyres to wear prematurely.

While buying tyres, you need to make sure the tyres you are buying suit your driving habits as well as your driving route. If you are someone who regularly encounters traffic, you need tyres with high friction.

Driving with unsuitable tyres make your tyres work more than they need to. Consequently, the lifespan of your tyres decreases and they wear prematurely.


Frequent deflation

If you are using the wrong tyre size, your vehicle will suffer from frequent tyre deflation. Moreover, it would help if you always examined how much load a tyre can take and compare it with your automobile’s weight. So, you can always buy a tyre that can take the load of your vehicle.

In case your tyre cannot handle your vehicle’s weight, it can bend the wheels, causing your tyres to deflate regularly. Besides, it can lead to a blowout too which you should avoid at all costs.

Difficulty in handling

Nobody wants to drive a car that is difficult to handle. Driving already requires all your attention and focus; you wouldn’t want to put extra effort. Unsuitable tyres cause difficulty in handling your vehicle.

Think of your tyres and your car as two puzzle pieces that should fit together. However, if your tyre isn’t of the right size, it won’t fit perfectly. Consequently, your steering and handling of your vehicle will require extra efforts.

Also, make sure you buy tyres according to your comfort and fit your weather type. For example, for someone who resides in a city where the temperature is usually high, they use summer tyres.

Threat to safety

As we discussed before, incompatible tyres can cause difficulty in driving, constant deflation and even blowouts. These things put you under a threat of safety as they can lead to road accidents. In a way, by choosing inappropriate tyres, you are putting not only yours but others’ lives at risk too.

Incompatible tyres can also cause abrupt stopping, which can leave you deserted. No matter how expensive your tyres are, they won’t correctly work if they do not suit your vehicle. Despite being cheap if your tyres are compatible, they will work just fine. Also, make sure you get your cheap tyres fitted appropriately.

Expensive repairs

Tyres that do not match your vehicle or your driving habits will cause several problems. There is a high risk of tears and scratches on such tyres which will need to be repaired. Also, wrong tyres can cause defects in your wheels and its rims too.

Frequent deflation

So, you might incur extra costs of getting your wheels repaired. Most tyres usually work fine after repairs, but there may be cases where the costs of repairs may exceed the cost of buying a new tyre. Thus, instead of getting your tyres repaired again and again or buying them twice, make sure you get the right tyres in the first place.


Remember to invest in good, suitable tyres and visit car tyres online once every month. Now, you know why you should buy the right tyres.



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