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What Happened to José Trino Marin?

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José Trinidad Marin who is well known as Trino Marin is currently striving to complete his sentence of 31 years. Many allegations against Trino Marin led him to jail. He was not much famous before his marriage to a well-known English singer, Jennie Rivera. They were students of the same school and fell in love with each other. The premarital sexual relationship between them led Jennie to get pregnant before her marriage. At the time of their marriage, Jennie was expecting her first child. 

Soon after her pregnancy, Jennie and Marin decided to get married. They happily married in 1984, which brought them lots of happiness. However, certain post-marital issues caused much trouble among this couple. Their story is very interesting as well as tragic. This article will teach you partially about the happenings between this couple. However, you can read the full story at contenterist.com. Let’s move down to explore this short guide. 

Charges Against José Trinidad Marin 

After some happy days of married life, a dispute at Jennie’s college led to their separation. Marin was against her college studies but Jennie intended to study further. This was the first dispute among this couple. 

Later on, it was revealed that Marin was not honest with his wife. He had some illegal sexual relationship with his sister-in-law, Rosie. His sister-in-law discussed the whole affair with her sister, Jennie. This issue created many troubles in their lives. 

Besides this, Marin was not honest towards his children that made Jennie furious further. Their elder daughter revealed that her father tried to seduce her many times. This was another shameful act of Marin that led to their separation. 

End Of Married Life

Jennie Rivera bore Marin much but at last, she had to separate her paths. She claimed divorce and finally succeeded in 1992. They separated after the birth of their third child in 1992. This was a tough trial for such a couple. 

Sentence For 31 Years 

After their divorce, Jennie filed different cases of sexual abuse and harassment against her ex. husband. She, with the aid of her sister and daughter, moved against Marin legally. The court sentenced Jose Trinidad Marin to 31 years of hard jail in 1997. 

After the court declaration of the sentence, Marin ran off the court for almost nine years. Despite his attempts to escape by changing his physical appearance, the police arrested him in 2006. He’s currently in jail. 

Rumors About Marin’s Release

In the past few months, some rumors were common about the release of Jose Trinidad Marin. Those who claimed that Marin was released with honor said that this happened due to his good behavior. However, Marin’s brother cleared the whole matter by telling him that his brother is currently in jail. Also, his younger daughter posted a video of her father from jail and requested the government to release her father. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s very hard to cover the whole story of Marin and Jennie in short words. However, it’s an interesting story and you can explore many facts about them at contenterist.com. Their story is not only interesting but also tragic as post-divorce life was hard for both of them. Jennie died in a plane crash in 2012 and Trinidad Marin is completing his sentence in jail. 


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