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What Factors Affect Solar Panels’ Efficiency?

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Solar power systems are considered to be the only source of sustainable energy for current and future human needs. There are several factors that lead to people shifting to a greener and sustainable source of energy instead of fossil fuels. The world is moving towards solar energy especially due to environmental concerns. The aim is to keep the rising temperature to 1.5 degrees celsius at an acceptable rate. 

Solar panels are an efficiently performing and less expensive energy source to replace the carbon fossil energy. The solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells. These solar cells convert the sunlight into electricity. The technology is still in the evolution phase and attempts are being made to achieve maximum efficiency. 

There are some elements that can impact its efficiency both negatively and positively. Here are some of the factors affecting solar panels efficiency.


The intrinsic characteristics of the semiconductor material, temperature, influence the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. The efficiency of the solar panel increases when the temperature outside drops and decreases when the temperature is higher outside, as the voltage of the cells drops due to temperature discrepancy. 

Energy Conversion Efficiency

The solar module has a different phantom acknowledgment depending on the type of module used. Therefore, the change of spectral isolation had a great impact on the power generation of the solar system. By decreasing the reflection of incident light the energy conversion efficiency may increase.

Solar Shadings 

The solar PV panels are very delicate as compared to the solar shadings. Totally or partially done conditions have a notable effect on the capability of the solar system to deliver energy and it may decrease its efficiency, decreasing the output through power losses. In a solar panel, the cells are usually connected together in a series to obtain high voltage and thus increase electricity production.

When shading happens, the installation has some limitations. In fact, when one of the solar cells is shaded, then the current that is produced is the least of all the units in the string. When one cell gets shaded, the whole series gets shaded virtually. Bypass diodes are usually installed to prevent the loss of energy.

The bypass diodes are installed parallel to the solar cells. Bypass diodes provide a current path to a solar cell when it is shaded, allowing the string to connect solar cells for the production of electricity at a low voltage.

The Climatic Conditions

The placement of the PV module helps to record some factors of taking the most out of the solar radiation, the adjustments, the tendency, the range of the space, and the climatic conditions. The accurate consideration of modification helps in assuring that the solar system produces maximal energy through exposure to the greatest intensity of radiation from the sun for a greater time span. 


Although the solar panels are maintenance-free especially the off-grid solar systems. Solar panels are generally very durable and have warranties that last for 15-25 years. However, cleaning the solar panels is important to maximize the efficiency of its cells. Frequent physical inspections with professional solar panels contractors can help increase the efficiency of the solar panels. 

Mounting Position

Poorly installed solar panels cause many problems related to functionality. But another problem caused by wrong and problematic installation can be the mounting of the panels on the roof. Even if the panels are correctly installed with zero issues, but not mounted properly, they will not be completely efficient. 

The science of mounting solar panels is not easy. As they should be set at an angle considering where the sunlight will be every hour of the day. This position will vary for every house. Therefore, the inspection before installation is crucial to get the panels correctly mounted and perform efficiently.


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