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What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Website And A Sales Funnel?

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As it happens Funnels is the new talk of the market.

There are a lot of marketers out there that are selling people on why should they get their funnels made and how funnels are imperative to ensure the growth of your business. 

Meanwhile, you see the picture a little different from them.

You still believe that websites can be a better option. However, it is likely that you don’t know the difference between them.

It’s not wise to switch to something new unless you truly understand what it is. 

In That Spirit.. 

We have decided to mention the difference between them exactly. 

Both of these platforms are a great option when it comes to branding your brand in front of the world.

Regardless of whatever option you choose, both of them are dedicated to help your website gain more clients through the internet. 

Nevertheless, the biggest difference between them is that a Website is intended to work as a showcase of a company.

On the website of the company, difference kinds of audiences can visit and review all there is to know about the website. 

As far as the Sales funnel is concerned, they are more dedicated to selling and purchasing.

Nevertheless, let’s According to blurtopia.com, the differences between the both of them are as follows: 

1. Flow of the Traffic:

The biggest difference between the both entities is the rate of the Traffic. 

You will find out that the traffic flow on a website is majorly non-directional.

What this means is that the audience has the option to choose whether they want to be able to view a specific webpage as they click on the webpage of the website.

Other than that, they can also visit indirectly as they open the links of a website. 

However, when it comes to funnels, the traffic is rather directional.

The traffic gets made up with the intent to take the prospects through a guided process. 

2. The Difference Between the Conversion Rates: 

The Conversion rates in Sales Funnel are marginally better when it comes to comparing it with a website. 

When you choose to go with a sales funnel, your viewership to purchasing ratio gets leveled up consider how well you have optimized your conversion rates. 

Having a simple website does not allows a person to do that.

This is because the funnel follows a step-by-step procedure that takes a prospect through the whole step and converts him to a customer. 

While the websites usually lack this kind of process and it is totally dependant on the prospects to purchase from your website or not. 

Final Words!

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the difference between sales funnel and websites. 

However, just to give you a short overview, if you want to sell online, then the Sales funnel is going to be a better fit.

In the same way, if you want to tell your customers about your brand, websites are a better option. 


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