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What exactly is an office massage?

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What exactly is an office massage?

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you hire a mobile massage therapist to visit your office? Here is the story of one of our clients in London of all his experience. This can come in handy if you want to hire an in-office massage therapist but aren’t sure what to expect. Massage Center in Al Rigga


I sit holding my work phone between my shoulder and my ear, typing furiously, as an infuriatingly incompetent operator puts me on hold for the fourth time. I threw exasperated glances at my coworker across the street only to find her balance in a similar pose, though she also cleverly added a cup of coffee and a cell phone to the equation (to show). No longer able to take the horrible call while waiting for music, I hang up, grab the edge of my desk and take a deep breath, something that seems oddly unknown to me, and I realize I’ve been putting up with it ever since. much longer than my doctor. would recommend. Massage Center in Al Rigga

There seems to be some commotion at the entrance to the office, and when I get up to get a better look, I see a woman dressed in sage green, with white pants posing as our office massage therapist for the day. Meeting Room 1 transforms from its usual function of part of our office policy to your office massage haven. It intrigues me to see enthusiastic, buzzing colleagues disappear behind closed doors and then return 15 minutes later smiling, shoulders no longer hunched over by ears and heading straight for the water dispenser.

My office massage

Finally, it’s my turn and I reluctantly finish an email and take the last sip of coffee, tossing my mug in the recycle on my way to the door. I am greeted by an empty chair and by a young girl in her twenties who looks much more relaxed and comfortable in this room than I have ever seen, even our most senior executive.

She introduces herself and outlines the events that will take place. Apparently, he will massage my shoulders, neck, upper back, and upper arms as I sit up straight on the office chair. It will be a mixture of Thai massage, Indian head massage, and acupressure. She checks that I agree with all the areas that are massaged and promises not to damage my hair.

I wonder if this is a joke since I’m barely wearing the latest chic hairstyle, but she doesn’t look like she’s trying to insult me ​​so I assure her she can do whatever she wants, quickly adding “within reason” and instantly regretting it.

Take a deep breath

She tells me to take a deep breath (something I just discovered is foreign to me) and then the magic begins. My shoulders are starting to come to life, instead of two solid masses joining my neck to my arms, they begin to relax and she finds specific points (called She rubs the knots more vigorously to relieve tension.

She continues to massage my neck and suddenly, I feel a headache that I had long accepted as part of myself, go away. I almost fell asleep while he massaged my head as every nerve ending seems to have a wonderful feast and I pray that time will stop somehow except in meeting room 1. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

After massaging my upper arms and working my upper back a little more, the massage ends with a flurry of sharp movements on my back that serve to wake me up in time for his request to breathe deeply. This breath amazes me with its depth and length, like the kind of breath you breathe at the end of a long vacation, facing a calm ocean. Massage Center in Al Rigga

Massage Center in Al Rigga

After the massage

She advises me to drink a lot of water because the massage releases the toxins that have been stored, so if I drink the water I can use it as a detoxifier to flush them out. Sounds good to me, I say, as I think guiltily about my coffee before the massage. I shake his hand and wonder if I can come back for another one if I come back in disguise. Or am I saying I have a twin? Um, I’m not sure I’m convinced. Massage in Al Rigga

I leave the room and walk straight to the water dispenser. I take a few nice sips of cool, clear water and return to my desk. Everything looks different. The same office, the same piles of paper, and the same bulky email account. The same to-do list and the same full schedule of upcoming meetings. But I feel different.

I feel like I can see everything with a clear perspective and I feel a new sense of confidence that I can take the right steps to move forward. I no longer climb the steep side of an impossible mountain, the summit widening with every step I take.

Instead, I feel like I’m looking down the mountain and realizing it’s just a grain of sand that I can take with my step. Who would have thought that 15 minutes of quality care could save me hours of nervous errors? My only question is when can I get my next dose?


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