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What DPI With a Gaming Mouse to play Fornite?

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The main function of the best gaming mice on the market is to move the cursor on the screen in a graphical interface, thus allowing interaction with the elements found on the monitor via the buttons incorporated in the mouse, fortnite gaming mouse known as the click. right and left click. In other words, mice are the ones that allow you to interact with the graphic elements of the operating system and its applications.

Okay, But What is DPI?

DPI is the number of dots per inch detected by your gaming mouse sensor, much like resolution, mouse sensitivity is based on four aspects: X and Y axes, ADS, and appearance. Although DPI helps us see the number of movements detected by the sensor, the sensitivity is not strictly affected by their changes. Depending on the game, the sensitivity of the vertical and horizontal axes may change. That is, “less DPI, less sensitivity”.

There are different websites and tools that allow us to check all of these things down to the millimeter. In some games we will need a higher DPI count than in others. So what should the DPI count be in Fortnite?

Gaming Mouse: The Parameters of a Pro

One of the first steps we usually take when thinking about configuring our entire gamer setup to play better is also a very logical thought in the competitive world: take a look at the setup used by professional gamers and the most famous Fortnite gamers internationally.

Generally, we see that streamers configure their mice at 800 DPI with a sensitivity of 0.08, 0.57 and 0.40 (X / Y sensitivity, ADS). For other gamers if you look at the settings, you can see that they are using the gaming mouse at 400 DPI, with sensitivity of 0.13, 0.65, and 0.56.

Precision and efficiency

In fact, the configuration of our gaming mouse is completely subjective. From the experts, it is clear that the DPI setting of our gaming mouse should be 800 or 400-450. The lower it is, the more control there is. And the more control, the more precision. Accuracy is the key to any self-respecting gamer, and that includes Fortnite.

How many DPI does a gaming mouse have?

Gaming mice come with 2000 dpi, but can generally be changed to suit the needs of the gamer; configuration directly with their software or with a dpi settings button. For example: my Zelotes ergonomic mouse has 1000 at 3200dpi.

They range from 2000 dpi to 6000 dpi; The latter number will only work if your monitor is a really big, fortnite gaming mouse because if you have a small monitor you shouldn’t be wasting your money getting a mouse with that many dpi.

For What Kind of Games is DPI Important?

In order for the mouse to meet and adapt to your needs, there are many types on the market; and the preferred ones are the ones you can adjust the dpi on the fly; They have built-in buttons specially designed for this.

The video games that require the most dpi settings are rpg and shooter, as well as RPG; Changing the speed of the mouse is a big advantage in the case of shooting games, you can’t aim with 2000dpi sensitivity, but you can shoot accurately with it

The mouse isn’t everything in Fortnite. We need to take into account the rest of our gaming hardware and configure it as needed. A mouse for FPS is just the start. We also need a better gaming keyboard (here’s a top 10 of the best gaming keyboards ), a monitor, and of course, a computer. All this, with the best possible configuration to avoid any problem of input lag, delay or lack of graphics.

The ideal combination for our MSI CLUTCH-GM50 is the VIGOR GK60 keyboard, perfect for professional gamers. This peripheral has a detail that will delight the most exquisite: the metallic-style WASD keys. Resistance tested for millions of uses.

I hope you will find this article useful for configuring your setup. Do not hesitate to talk about your config in the comments. Without forgetting to share this article


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