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What Does The Amplifi AFI HD Wireless Router Display Shows?

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There are many WiFi routers available in the market in the affordable price range. But most are not able to fulfill the needs because some people need speed while some needs converge. But there is a router called Amplifi router manufactured by Ubiquiti Labs. The Amplifi AFI HD wireless router with mesh system plays a key role in large business companies and apartments as it has a range of 10000 square feet. As well as it spreads the signal coverage over a large area. It comes with mesh points and a mesh point base which is connected to form a single point. The two mesh points indicating the signal light and adjustable antennas, The two mesh points will use to maximize the coverage and eliminates the dead zone of your home and workplace. The touchscreen displays allow you to manage the settings and to view the internet connection speed. 

The login process of this device is simple and can be accomplished by visiting the amplifi.lan website. It has a WAN port, four LAN ports,s and a reset button on its back. An ethernet port allows you to connect the extra device with your router. The setup process is also simple and completed within a minute.

Hardware Installation Of Amplifi AFI HD Wireless Router and Mesh Points

Before going to install the router, open the shipment box and take out the router, mesh points, and user manual safely. Read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual carefully. Now you can go ahead to install the router and mesh points

Router Installation

Firstly, plug off your modem device or turn it off using the power button. Now using the ethernet cable, connect one end to the modem device and the other to the internet port available on the backside of the router device. As well as plug your adapter to the AC socket and to the router back. Now turn on your modem device. Now we are gonna tell you the procedure to install the mesh point.

MeshPoint installation

Mesh point installation will depend on the place where you are going to install. If you are installing the router in apartments and large offices, it is mandatory to install the mesh point too. Also you can use the mesh point to increase your router’s coverage range. Plug your mesh point into the AC socket. You will see a LED light that starts blinking in the upward direction after one minute. Fit the mesh point antenna with a mesh point base for large signal strength.

What Does The Amplifi AFI HD Wireless Router Display Shows?

The router display shows the following instructions.

Date and Time

It displays the live time in 12 hour format. You can change the time standard to 24 hours using an app. It also displays the day of the week in Short form SU, MO, TU., etc, and the live date of the month.

Usage and Speed

It displays the uploading and downloading status of the date. It also shows the quantity of data in total GB of uploading and downloading speed on the current date.


It displays the WAN interface of public or internet IP address and LAN interface of the private or local Ip address of the router. Moreover, also shows whether the IPv is enabled or disabled in the app. It will show a blue light when IPv6 is enabled.

Port status

It will also help the users to know the port status by lighting the grey light and white light. If it shows the grey light, it means the LAN port is available for use. But when it turns white, it means you cannot use the LAN port because it is already in use.

Reviews on Amplifi AFI HD Wireless Router

It is a very good router as compare to the other routers in this price range. It can be use for small offices as well as large offices. You can install the mesh point to increase the coverage range. A large touch display allows you to view the statistics in just one touch. Also a guest network with parental control allows you to establish a private network and to block or allow illegal websites. Ethernet port allows you to share files and surf the internet in a safe and secure way. You can do the setup using the Amplifi web interface just by visiting its official; website or an IP address. Although, a great router, and I must recommend all the users to go for this one.

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