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What does Parental Control Feature offer In Amped WiFi Router?

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The Amped WiFi router is a wireless router with two external upgradeable antennas used to boost the signal coverage upto 10000 square feet by penetrating through the walls.  A separate guest network with parental control allows you to create a private network without letting other people know. As well as the smart firewall settings protect the router from illegal activities. The super fast speed will boost the user’s gaming and video streaming experience. It has four gigabit LAN ports, a WAN port, a reset button, a power button, and a WiFi button on its back.

It can be set anywhere because of its sleek and portable size.

The setup of this extender is simple, you can visit setup.ampedwireless.com to complete the setup procedure. It is suitable for large offices and apartments due to its long range signal capacity. The USB port on its back allows you to add an external device and to speed up the data transmission rate. The powerful 620MHz CPY processor will boost the speed up to a great extent. It is compatible with 802.11ac/n/b/g WIFI standards. The WEP/WPA2 security encryption will enhance the security while surfing the internet connection wirelessly.

Setup Of Amped WiFi router

Ensure that the connection is made between the router and modem.  You ethernet cable at the router back to do the setup. Plug off your modem and your wireless router for almost 15 seconds. Again plug both the device into the Ac socket and make a connection using an ethernet cable. Type Amped setup in the search box of the web browser. The setup page will open Follow all the instructions by visiting the setup wizard. Select the Automatic setup and all your router settings will be apply. Click on the next option and you will see SSID network blank row. Enter the SSID network and security key to finish the setup.

Now we are gonna discuss the procedure to reset the Amped WiFi router

Resetting The Amped WiFi router

The resetting process of this router is very simple and accomplished using a web browser as well as a Reset button. But here, we gonna discuss the procedure to reset your router using the WPS button

Connect your system device and the Amped router with an ethernet cable by plugging it into the back of the router. Now push the Reset button for available on the back of the router. Use a paper clip type object if you have any problem while pushing the reset button. The LED light blink indicates that your router has been reset to factory setting and all your settings will be delete.

Solution If You Failed to Access The Web Management Page Using Amped WiFi Router

Launch the browser to access the web management page. But if setup.ampedwirless.com not working, then these solutions may work.

Try using an IP address if the website doesn’t work. Check the browser whether it supports it or not and it should be up to date. Clear the storage of your system device. Delete the recent files by typing run on the start menu. The wire should be properly connect to the back of the router and the system device. Ensure that your Amped router is connected to the AC socket. Also reset the router if all of the above settings don’t work for you. The full reset procedure is mention above.

What does Parental Control Feature offer In Amped WiFi Router?

Sometimes children may use the illegal website accidentally or intentionally. It offers the parental to manage the website. The security questions are not enough these days. As well as Children bypass the security questions easily to surf illegal websites. The Amped router comes with prenatal control that allows the other person or children to surf the internet in a limited way by setting in the web management page. Also you can set the limitations and block the websites by which users cannot access illegal websites. This will secure your children from dirty minds.

Final Words

It is a very good router with two high gain antennas. It extends the coverage range over a large area. I have used this router for the last 12 months, and things work pretty well. You can also add external devices because of its ethernet port at the back. The design is also impressive and sleek. Setup is simple and can be complete within a few minutes. Overall, a great wireless router. I must recommend all the buyers to purchase it.

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