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What Do You Understand By Private Label Clothing Manufacturers?

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Nowadays, you can find a private label clothing manufacturer almost everywhere. Starting from departmental stores to the racks of a local discount store, they have been quite popular.

However, irrespective of its rampant success, not many people understand or even know what it is. If you, too, do not have a clear idea about this, this article is the perfect read for you.

The first thing you should know about private label clothing is that these clothes do not come with any branding. They are essentially styles of blank products which are then bought by customers only to customise them with their branding.

Unlike grey and white label markets, there is no name brand that is associated with these products. They are known as a particular manufacturing company’s collection. Accompanied with a good logo or design, you can customise these products to make them look like yours.

That said, there are many different types of private label products for apparel, footwear and accessories. The common factor amongst all these labels is that they are manufactured by another company but are sold under a big name brand as theirs. 

What Are The Three Levels Of Private Label Clothing Manufacturing?

There are essentially three levels to this, namely white labelling, co-branded products and private branding. A small description of each is mentioned below.

  1. White labelling: This is when a single kind of product is made for big-name brands by the name of a private label company.
  2. Co-branding: Thisis when two competing brands, for instance, Nike and Adidas, share a similar logo on a particular product.
  3. Private Branding: The most common type, here only one brand owns the rights to the products, with no allowance for any other company’s logo on it.

Why Should You Choose Private Label Clothing Manufacturers?

There are quite a few reasons why you should invest in private label clothing manufacturers to make clothes for your company. Here mentioned are the two most common ones.

  • Sells Faster:

Any designer who is starting out in the industry can take quite some time to perfect their design and get it ready for selling. However, since private labels are more experienced in this field, they will be able to get the product ready a lot faster. This will eventually mean you can put up the items for sale faster and earn quicker.

  • Quality Products:

This is another reason why you should choose a private label manufacturer. These organisations use the best Bangkok tailors to manufacture their products. In addition to that, they outsource the raw materials from some of the best places in the world. This only means that you will get quality products at the best price.

In Conclusion

This article explains everything you need to know about private label clothing manufacturers in order to understand if you should invest in one. Rest assured, with a talented and experienced private label manufacturer; you can easily take your clothing brand to the top heights.


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