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What do you understand by Cloud Computing?

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cloud Computing is so pervasive in our lives and businesses that we never hear the word. Many people find it easier to say “cloud.”

The keyword “cloud computing” is indispensable when talking about future IT. Since then, the defense scope has been expanded to software supply, reliability has improved, and more and more companies are considering introducing it.

How much do you know about this cloud? 

IT, such as personal computers, smartphones, and the Internet, is now indispensable worldwide.

Cloud computing can be classified into IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Before the birth of the cloud computing certification in Dubai, if you want to use IT resources such as servers and databases, first purchase (or lease) server storage hardware, prepare a rack to be installed in the data center, kit the hardware, and OS (It was necessary to set up the necessary applications such as Windows and Linux), which required a high initial cost including hardware and labor costs and a long lead time.

With the birth of the cloud that is is realized on-demand by self-service, the point that these problems can be solved and quickly applied to businesses at low cost is a big point that the cloud has become so widespread regardless of industry.

Enables access from the outside

Since cloud computing is a service via the Internet, you can access the same environment from anywhere and from any device, making it easy to access from the outside. You can learn CCNA Course in Qatar. It attracts attention as a model that can contribute to work style reform.

Significantly strengthen information security.

Isn’t security reduced by using “cloud computing”? The question is endless. Data is indeed exchanged via the Internet, but cloud computing is often provided with robust security, so in many cases, information security can be significantly enhanced.

Cloud companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are areas where security is a lifeline. Of course, they are investing heavily in modern technology to protect their data and systems.

It’s easy to imagine that this investment is much higher than a typical company. Therefore, for many companies, using cloud computing can greatly improve security.

As mentioned above, cloud comput has various merits. There are many merits compared to conventional on-premises, so large companies, SMEs, and any company are paying attention to cloud computing.

Any cons of Cloud Computing?

Cloud comput is a service provided via the Internet, so it cannot be used without an online environment. In the unlikely event that the internet connection is lost due to a power outage, cloud comput will not be available.

Also, in the case of on-premises, it was possible to freely build and modify the system under the company’s responsibility. Still, in the case of the cloud, everything is left to the operating company.


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