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What Do You Need To Know About Mixing Different Car Tyres?

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You must know important information regarding tyre mixing in your car if you want to customize the vehicle or because of the low availability of proper tyres. You must consider which tyres you are using on your car both for your safety and other safety on the road.

Should Tyres Be Mixed?

For basic safety cause, it is recommended that every tyre must be uniform when you are going to put new tyres on your car. This indicates that every tyre must have the same size, brand and tread design. It is suggested that every tyre must be equally worn and of the same age roughly. Tyres must not be mixed usually.

Mixing Is Bad: Why?

The cheap tyres Coventry are designed for a specific purpose and are made to satisfy every demand. Thus, if you are fitting four different tyres on your car, every tyre is designed to perform four different jobs. These jobs include offering proper grip, bearing more weight and bearing high pressure. If the tyres are not the same, your car will have poor handling. There are some circumstances when tyres can be mixed even though the same tyres are always recommended.

When Is Mixing Tyres Fine?

Depths of Tread

It is usual that a single tyre must be replaced if it gets blown out. Thus, tyres with different depth of tread as compared to the other three tyres having shallow depth result. However, this is acceptable even if the tyres are not matching perfectly. A slight difference in handling may occur, which can be handled by the driver’s capacity.

New Tyre Placement

Positioning the new tyre having deeper tread depth in the car’s rear is suggested while getting a single tyre replaced. Better handling is offered by this to the vehicle. The other tyres must also be inspected tyres having the least loss of depth must be determined. You must pair that tyre with the new tyre in the back so that every axle has a tyred pair with similar depths.

Tracing Right Tyre

It is an acceptable fact that the mixing of tyres must be avoided whenever possible. You must purchase tyres from a reliable shop if you need new tyres and want your current tyres serviced.

Mixing Tyre Sizes

Sometimes, a blowout is suffered by one tyre or the wearing occurring in the front and rear tyres are different. Thus, the vehicle owner will have to buy only one or two tyres in such cases. But, you must purchase tyres comparable in size and model to that of the worn tyres or replacement tyres. Thus, you will be blessed with optimum handling and speed while driving the vehicle. Yet, you will have to mix the tyres of different sizes and you may also prefer to mix them.

Step 1: Regarding which tyre can be mixed efficiently, you must deal with a trained sales professional of tyres. You must also take the tyre size of the vehicle’s current tyres into consideration.

Step 2: While replacing two tyres on your car, you must select two tyres of the same size. You require two tyres of the same size if you prefer different-sized tyres Hinckley on your car. You must never get one tyre replaced of a different size.

Step 3: You must get the new tyres installed on the same axle with the help of a tyre technician. A new tyre must not be mixed with a different sized tyre on the same axle. This will result in wearing, handling and balancing issues.

You must get the tyres of the lower series installed at the rear axle by the technician. The series will be lower if the sidewall height is low. You can find the number series by looking at the tyre like P205/55R16. the series is indicated by the number mentioned after the slash, which is 55 in this case.


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