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What do You need to Know About Compression Socks Before You Buy?

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The demand for medical products is increasing rapidly in those countries which are extremely health conscious. The ability to stay healthy and live a better life is becoming an utmost priority for people belonging to different age brackets.

Compression socks are one of those special medical products that boost up your lifespan, they are next-generation therapeutic garments that enhance your body functions or protect elder people from fatal diseases.

Before we take a deep dive into guidelines for buying these products let us understand the real purpose of these products.

What are compression socks?

Compression footwear is special medical garments designed for those users who experience swelling in the lower limbs. DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) or PE (Pulmonary Embolisms) are extremely incurable diseases that must be stopped before things get out of control.

Lymphedema is another type of infection that caused inflammation in the lower extremity of the patient. Compression socks are stretchable and close-fitting stockings or footwear. These socks comfortably cover your foot’s ankle, sole, and toes.

The extended socks also cover your calf and knees but compression stockings are made to treat your top of the thigh.

How do compression socks work?

The compression footwear’s main function is to perform compression therapy. They are made to minimize pain or discomfort due to venous insufficiency or lymphatic injury. The socks apply minor rhythmic pressure on the ankles and toes to generate blood flow from the legs to the heart.

There are miniature pressure valves installed within the sock’s garment that generate specific pressure which helps to boost circulation and soothe achy feet.

The best compression socks for swelling:

  • Reduces the width of veins and arteries to increase the velocity of blood flow.
  • They help to prevent the accumulation of lymphatic fluid (lymph) in the lower limbs.
  • They help to create ease for morning heel discomfort.
  • Fights DVT and PE symptoms to provide relaxation.

If the mentioned applications are not performed by your compression footwear, then it may be faulty or you need to find a better medical brand to provide you proper functioning compression stockings or socks.

Who Uses compression socks?

The compression products are not meant for everyone, they are specially aimed at those people who are:

  • Experiencing blood circulation issues.
  • Facing diseases such as DVT, PE, lymphedema.
  • Pregnant and avoids mobility.   
  • Victims of obesity.
  • Aged and do limited mobility.
  • Doing excessive athletic exercises.
  • Doing bedrest due to recent lower limbs surgery.
  • Traveling and less physical activities.
  • Suffering from swelling infections.

These factors are highly important to understand the basis of compression garments. Now you need to list some key features that will help you to evaluate the best compression socks and which suits your demands.

Before you buy compression socks

There are few elements that you should consider before buying an ideal pair of compression footwear.

  • Price

The price matters and you are purchasing a medical product that is present in the market to protect you or your loved ones. The quality is directly proportional to the price of the stockings, the higher the quality means the higher the price.

The price can help you to identify great performance deliverance products and the value of compression devices varies in different regions.

The average price range of compression stockings or socks is between $ 12 to $ 110 per pair. It may change concerning online shopping and value-added tax but one key feature is confirming that you should get those pairs that have a high price.

  • Size

The modern compression products have custom designs but physicians advise you to check the size chart. The size of your socks can directly impact the pressure exerted on your calf, ankles, and toes. The loose and improperly fitted socks can affect your product’s strength and may not provide desirable results. It is recommended to compare your feet with the mentioned chart sizes and then order them online or buy them from your local medical retailers.

  • Pressure types

The next thing you need to keep in your mind is to observe the pressure range. There are three types of pressure categories of compression devices and each of them is designed for specific users. The light level is between 8-15mmHG, the medium is 15-20mmHG, and the firm or moderate level is 20 -30mmHG.

If you are suffering from muscle ache or the patient has weak bones then a low-level range is suitable. The athletic compression socks are consisting of medium-level pressure and they offer effective functioning if they are purchased from premium medical brands.

The high level is not acclaimed by the doctors because they might damage your skin tissues or permanently block your veins. So, you need to confirm the pressure level before buying them.

  • Fabric style

The fabric of compression garments comes in two forms, one is transparent/lightweight and the other is cotton/wool. You need to buy that fabric that provides comfortability and satisfaction to the user. The cloth must be flexible and frictionless to give an ultra-soft experience to its users. You must check the product details and determine which type of fabric you are ordering.


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