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What Do I Need to Know About an Air Fryer?

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Everybody’s talking about them nowadays, and today you get to find out what the big deal is for yourself. How do they operate? Is it simply frying food? What types of foods can you cook in an air fryer?

Metal or Plastic                   

Here is all that you should know about an air fryer. They are simply a basket with a cover, usually metal or plastic. The basket has holes so that you can put in various foods without frying them, and as the food heats up, the holes also expand so that more can be added. Then when the food is ready, release the lid, set the timer, and have a complete meal prepared to serve to your family members.

Type of Cooking Device

These are also called deep fryers, as they use the airflow from your oven to circulate the food. The foods are placed in a basket in the range, which gets hot as it spreads, but not burnt, and then released into the basket. You can cook almost any vegetable or cooked meat in one of these. Vegetables are a great way to enjoy a healthy meal, while meats and fried foods are also available in this cooking device.

Two Types Of Air Fryers

There are two types of air fryers: slow cookers and quick air fryers. The short types are usually more popular with people who want to prepare fried foods for a large family. These come with a lid that seals tightly, and there is a cord on the base to connect to the electric unit or to plug into an extension cord outside your home. The slow cooker is a smaller device that sits on a kitchen counter or a tabletop, allowing for slow, even heating of the food.

Philip Kingsley-Style Design

Most air fryers will contain the Philip Kingsley-style design, a five-piece drawer, with two of each drawer closed. This design has proven successful, and the Philip Kingsley company produces quality products. The lid has a handle to lift and flip it open for cooking. If you want butter or shortening, open the valve and fill up your bowl from above. It is as easy to use as pouring oil into a pan.

Top Side Of the Appliance

Other deep-fried foods that can be cooked in this model are potatoes, French fries, sausage, omelettes, chicken entrees, shrimp, lobster tails, and eggs. The heating element is located on the top side of the appliance, and it gets its cooking power from the convection oven that it sits on top of. You can turn the valve on the side to ensure the food cooks evenly. A timer is also included in some models, which helps you keep track of when the food has finished cooking.

Energy Efficiency

You can find all the major appliances on sale these days, including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and ovens. However, these items have become much more energy-efficient in recent years. Regarding energy efficiency, the air fryer has been rate the best. The reason it gets such excellent ratings is that it is very efficient in cooking your most popular dishes, allowing you to save energy and money simultaneously.


In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to be seeking ways to cook healthier and more delicious meals. By purchasing an air fryer, you can cook your favourite dishes without resorting to deep-frying them or using a traditional deep fry pan that takes up a lot of counter space. Instead, you can cook fried chicken or French fries with this nifty little appliance and save money.


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