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What Could Be The Cost Of Sports Trophies?

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Sports have always been popular all around the world. It helps to develop teamwork. The best thing is that it also encourages students/candidates to take part in doing different activities. Moreover, most candidates want to go ahead in taking part in different sports activities so that they can win the trophy. If your institute or office is going to organize sports activities then you must also pay attention towards the appearance of sports trophies. Make sure that you are going to buy the best quality and custom trophy. 

Have you been wondering about the custom trophy cost? You have landed on the right Trophy Shop Adelaide platform. The cost of a custom trophy also depends on how custom it is done. There are a variety of levels of customization including simple, complex, and less complicated. If a trophy is quite complex to customize then it would be quite expensive indeed. 

  • Different Factors Which Affect The Cost Of A Sport Trophy 

The fact cannot be ignored that all trophies are supposed to be customized to some degree. You may not believe that even a simple participation team trophy having a plastic figurine on a marble base and an engraved trophy plate following the font is called custom made using the pieces and the trophy plate is custom engraved to the instruction of the customer indeed. Moreover, a resin trophy comes up with a custom engraved trophy plate installed to the front. Talking about the lowest cost of an ideally custom-made trophy, it could be in between $4 to 5 ranges. 

  • How Complicated Could Be A Trophy  

A highly complicated trophy generally comes up with different types of columns having different sizes and shades having different sizes of trophy bases indeed. These sorts of trophies always take more time to get manufactured. Moreover, they need more attention and effort. 

The best thing about trophies could be quite large having different types of columns. We all know that big size trophies do look excellent and incredible indeed. 

Here, it needs to mention that bases could be made of wood or marble and the trophies would be constructed to form different types of levels. You just need to tell them how you want your Sports Trophies to be customized and they do accordingly. 

They come up with cups as well as multiple figurines incorporated into the design. Experts hold the specific experience and assist you accordingly. Talking about the basic feature of this incredible level of trophy complexity is that they are constructed right from pre-existing stock parts. Talking about the cost of a custom-made trophy would be the level of complexity that can truly range from $5 to over $100. 

  • Customized But With Lot Of The Creativity 

Talking about the next aspect of the complexity of the trophy is all about making stock parts with the addition of custom-cut acrylic pieces or pieces of custom printed stock parts installed to the trophy. For example, you probably want a creative trophy having pineapple on it. And you do not find a stock pineapple figurine then an extra artwork of a pineapple. An expert can either design artwork of pineapple or carve out the shape of a piece of acrylic going with a laser engraver and color print going with a UV color printer. Then this part could be added to the rest of the trophy to look incredible. 

Heavier Trophies Are Regarded Being The Best  

Events are generally quite important for winners. They are regarded as the best way to show their recognition among a big crowd. It makes them feel proud. They feel great that they did perform the best at the forefront. When they get a large trophy weight, it makes them feel great from within. The factor cannot be ignored that it can make them have an excellent experience indeed. They would be feeling great getting a heavy award for their contribution. They would be feeling great receiving an ideal award for their performance. 

Some medals, trophies, and awards are small in size but still, they hold significance. Though the size of awards does not matter a lot, it is important. Small but weighty trophies are regarded as quite ideal choices. When you are buying the trophy, you should consider these factors such as size, weight, etc. 


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go with the best platform which can bring the outstanding Sports Trophies customizing it as it needs. Apart from it, experts can suggest you the best options in this context within your budget. If you have not considered it then you must go ahead and explore the range of customized trophies to make your sports event memorable.


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