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What Causes Dry Skin and Ways To Fix It

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Dry Skin: As we transition from summer weather into winter, our skin is a bit flakier and drier than usual. This may be a minor change for some as they experience dry skin regardless of the season. But why does our skin dry out, and what can we do about it? If dry skin is on your mind and you want to tackle this issue before it becomes a major issue. Let’s take a closer look at what causes it and how you can remedy it.

What are the causes of my dry skin?

For the most part, the causes of dry skin are environmental. This means that cold, dry air naturally dries out our skin and causes it to become rougher and flakier. However, there are other lesser-known causes behind drier skin. Some include being in a direct line of hot air (such as using a space heater). Taking hot showers or using soap or face wash with harsh chemicals is detrimental to your skin’s health. Sometimes, certain health conditions or aging will also play a role in the health of your skin. The good news? No matter what the main cause is behind your dryness. You can address all of these issues to hydrate your skin and return it to a healthy state.

How do I fix this issue and get my skin back into the right condition?

While we can’t always control the external circumstances causing our skin to dry, we can control how we respond. For example, investing in a moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin. And restore its moisture is a great way to combat dryness and flaking. That being said, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances contributing to the dryness you’re experiencing. A great moisturizer will feature quality ingredients like organic oils. Fruits like Amla Berry (rich in antioxidants and vitamin C). And other natural ingredients to provide support for your sensitive skin without causing it any further damage. When shopping for a new moisturizer, focus on buying these products to give you the best results.

When should I be concerned about my dry skin?

For many, switching to the right hydration products is enough to battle dryness. However, this is only sometimes the case for everyone. There may be some instances where the best remedy is a trip to the doctor. For example, if your skin is still dry regardless of your best efforts, it may result from a condition like atopic dermatitis (eczema). Other serious symptoms to watch out for when dry skin won’t go away are redness, itching, and scaling or peeling skin. When serious cases aren’t treated as soon as possible, you may end up scratching until sores develop, which can lead to infections that worsen the issues you’re experiencing. Working with your primary care physician and a specialist like a dermatologist will help you develop a course of treatment to deal with these symptoms and treat or cure them.

For most individuals, dryness is merely an inconvenience they experience during colder conditions. With the right natural moisturizers and light cleansers, this can be fixed so that flaking and dryness don’t become the norm. For others, dryness is an issue indicative of another condition requiring careful monitoring and treatment. Regardless of the reasons contributing to your skin’s dryness, there are always solutions. Use the guide above to discover what causes the skin to dry out and what you can do to remedy this issue.


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