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What can you store on your kitchen countertops?

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Kitchen counters are the most valuable piece of real estate in your home. We want them to be beautiful and functional! Let’s look at some ideas for decorating your kitchen counters. Your kitchen counter may not be the most practical place to store your items. These are the items you should avoid storing on your kitchen counters to eliminate clutter-related stress. You can also check How to Change Gamertag on Xbox App.

These are the most commonly used kitchen counter products and the categories they belong to:

  • Place your kitchen counters on display
  • Maybe you could store it on your countertops
  • Keep your countertop clear of clutter

What to keep on your counter?

It is essential to keep your kitchen counter space free for items you use regularly. This area is where you can store small appliances and kitchen staples, as well as paper towels. It’s important to have items nearby to avoid running around while getting ready, making meals, or cleaning up afterwards.

  1. Canisters:

You can use small containers (small or large) to store and organize small items. For example, these canisters can be used for small items like napkins and grab-and-go snacks to prevent your counters from becoming cluttered.

  1. Coffee maker

There is no better place than your kitchen counter to store coffee if you make it every day. It is best to create a coffee zone. You will need to collect all of the coffee-making equipment and place it above the coffee maker. If you have them, include coffee filters and to-go cups.

  1. Dish rack:

A dish rack on your counter can be a great idea if you don’t have one, and even better if you do. For example, it’s possible that you only use your dishwasher once a week and prefer to cook your daily meals by hand.

  1. Mixer:

You won’t find many cabinets or drawers that can hold large appliances like your mixer. You may also damage cabinets due to the large size and weight of your mixer. Keep your mixer at the counter.

  1. Use paper towels:

They need to be accessible but not inconvenient. For example, while you want to be easily reachable when you need them, moving a paper towel holder around is a hassle. So instead, you can keep it near the sink in an easily accessible spot.

  1. Cooking utensils (contained inside a crock):

Your stove is the best place to store frequently used utensils such as spatulas and spoons. When you’re cooking, it’s convenient to have all your knives at hand. You can either buy a crock of utensils or make your own.

  1. Salt and pepper shakers:

You’ll be using these items all the time, so it makes sense to have them on hand.

  1. Veggie/fruit basket:

Many fruits, vegetables and other foods can’t stay in the fridge. Plus, fruit and vegetables look great.

What to store on your kitchen countertops?

Consider your cooking and eating habits when deciding. What items should be kept on the kitchen countertops.

  1. Cookbooks:

If possible, place cookbooks on a shelf. It will save you the effort of moving them around to clean the counters, and it won’t make your cookbooks dirty when you cook. In addition, you can protect your cookbooks by using stainless steel or wooden cookbook holder while you are cooking.

  1. Cutting board:

Large cutting boards look fantastic when placed on counters. If you have the space, great! If you don’t have the space, keep it hidden until it is needed to avoid cluttering up your countertop.

  1. Toaster oven:

Make toast every day and keep it on your counter.

What not to store on your counter?

Clutter is the last thing you want to see on your kitchen countertop. This not only creates chaos but also makes it more challenging to clean up any food splatter. Consider a different spot if you don’t use items often, such as a cabinet or pantry shelf.

It’s best to get rid of it if you don’t use it often. Only store appliances that are used less than twice per year.

  1. Collections:

Any object, including photographs, teacups, figurines, and even teacups. Can be mounted to the wall for admiration while remaining out of sight.

  1. Papers:

If you store them in some message centre contraption, preferably on the wall above the counter, you can keep a limited number of papers here. However, don’t let it become a dump for documents you don’t know what to use.

  1. Serving pieces:

They can be stored away unless they are used frequently. Then, as decor, you can mount serving platters on the walls.


Begin by asking yourself what you can do to move the kitchen countertop into another storage area. The shelves, the cupboards. So, the stovetop are all waiting to be used. The second step is to organize the clutter in trays or baskets to be kept as hidden and contained as possible. Last, you can add some decorative elements here and there. Good-looking objects and functional items like crocks, cutting boards, and dish racks are all excellent options. Hopefully the above guide is helpful for you.

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