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What Can You Expect from NeoSkin Laser Treatment at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery?

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If you are already tired of the early signs of aging on your face or the acne and wrinkles whenever you laugh or frown, then you need to know that you are not the only one. There are hundreds of people in North Carolina who feel the same way and want to get rid of these signs of aging and the dullness of complexion once and for all.

If you are looking for a solution like that, then schedule your appointment with Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Being one of the most popular clinics in North Carolina, they have recently added the NeoSkin Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in their offerings.

What is NeoSkin and How will It Work?

NeoSkin by Aerolase will take the skin rejuvenation treatment to the next level of perfection. This comprehensive treatment uses only one device for addressing different issues like skin tone, texture, pigmentation, redness, laxity, and many unwanted issues that contribute to the signs of aging.

This procedure uses only 650micorseconds laser surgery. This is a safe, effective and tolerable procedure that will work on your melanin, hemoglobin and water in your skin. With the water in your skin, it will produce collagen. This will effectively reduce fine lines and pores while tightening the skin. Next, this will work on melanin and hemoglobin to reduce the black spot and blemishes, while suppressing inflammation. For addressing sun damage, aging, enlarged pores and spots, this is the best solution you can find.

Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the founder and the lead surgeon at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is an experienced surgeon who will supervise the treatment ensuring you get the best results. This treatment will be tailor-made according to your requirements.

What to Expect from NeoSkin by Aerolase?

This is an advanced procedure that is pretty new and effective. When you are looking for a specialist in Charlotte oral surgery, you need to know what you can expect from this treatment procedure.

  • How Many Treatments You will Need?

As it has been already said, this treatment procedure is tailor made. So, when you are coming for the procedure, depending on your individual requirements, the number of sessions will be determined.

  • How will You Feel During the Treatment?

When you are coming for NeoSkin treatment, there is no need to worry about the pain or burning sensation. When you are opting for NeoSkin, you will get non-invasive painless treatment for your skin issues. Patients who have received NeoSkin before have reported that the procedure feels pleasant and gentler than any other type of facial rejuvenation treatment. It has no side effects or downtime. You will just feel a slight warm sensation in the place where the treatment will be administered.

  • How Long will It Take for You to Go Back to Normal Activity?

As Dr. Rolle, the specialist of Charlotte oral surgery says, this treatment is absolutely non-invasive. As a result, there will be no downtime for you. You will be able to go back to your regular life almost immediately. However, as the norm goes, you will have to wear a sunblock recommended by the doctor that will protect your skin from any damage. You might see a bit of redness in the area where you will receive the treatment. This should go in a couple of hours.

  • When will You see the Results?

Typically, the patients see the result after at least three sittings. Depending on the aging process and how deep the signs are, this time will be determined. However, once you receive the treatment, you will have to maintain a regular skincare regime for the best results.

So, now as you know how amazing NeoSkin treatment can be for you, what are you waiting for? Come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery right away and get it done. Dial 704-892-9500 now to Experience Excellence.


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