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What Can Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Apps Do?

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There are multiple platforms available in the market, but it depends on vendors. Like, you must have created multi-vendor marketplaces for organized vendors selling physical products, with Magento Marketplace, CS-Cart, & WooCommerce with WC Vendor.

Shopify doesn’t offer a multi-vendor marketplace by default, so several third-party multi-vendor marketplace apps can provide your site with the functionality to offer vendors a way to access the backend of your site, without having any control. Through these apps, vendors can edit and remove products from your site with ease.

These third-party applications help you to know, how much you should pay vendors who’ve used your site. Let’s have a look over the best Shopify Multivendor Marketplace apps, you can run a store that sells products from numerous vendors just like Amazon or eBay.

Multi-vendor Marketplace:

It helps you to build an effective, profitable marketplace for vendors. Infect you can easily set global commission for all sellers on your store, being an admin you can modify your product details. However, there are payment methods that can split takings between admin and seller.

You can have a membership plan for sellers instead of commission and keep auctions for products as well. It also enables you SMS alerts.


Jetti is a multi-purpose application that can be used to manage your store very easily. You can put your orders directly into your vendors’ stores. It allows you to have multi-warehouse inventory management available and to automate all in-house and dropshipping operations.

Plus, payments to vendors are automatically calculated and paid through various gateways including PayPal, Stripe, BACs, or you could add them to an accounting system and pay them manually. One of the major benefits is the vendors their dashboard, giving them an environment that allows them to use your site with confidence.

Vendor Den:

Vendor Den helps you split and pay vendors the correct amounts while getting orders on your marketplace. But it is only available for those that are in the US, and all payments are processed in US Dollars.

One of the major benefits is: it’s free to install the app. It allows you to set commissions on a product-by-product basis. You can invite vendors to your marketplace.

Vendor Payout:

Through vendor apps, you can create login credentials and allows them to see your current sales. You can easily set commissions for each vendor in your store. It also syncs historic orders.

Final Word:

Are you looking to build a successful marketplace? Then above Shopify multivendor marketplace apps will help your store grow. All these apps will promote your vendors with ease, it will reduce manual workloads and helping you to find time to promote your store. You can try Shopify Development Services at Cartcoders to set up your e-commerce store. Eventually, it all depends on your store business requirement. So, which app will you use?


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