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What can a landscape architect do?

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First of all, before getting to the heart of the article, it is good to understand what is meant by the term landscape design companies in Dubai and better understand who are the individuals who can fully boast this particular qualification.

The landscape architect is a professional in the sector who mainly deals with the design and construction of one or more landscapes in both urban and rural areas.

He also assumes an important position in today’s society since his work is also essential to oppose the construction of so-called eco-monsters or any other abuse of a building nature.

Why contact a landscape architect?

Garden cost The answer to this question is very broad and, surely, if you turn to a professional of this caliber it will mean that you will have made a targeted and thoughtful choice to be able to realize all your dreams and all your ambitions related to the project you have in mind.

The positive aspects of a decision of this kind are many and it is necessary to analyze all the benefits.

Let’s advance step by step and get more specific.

Design and costs of internal and external garden

The first step to take is obviously the planning of the project you have in mind; in fact, it is essential that there is a meeting between the architect and the client.

Through this meeting it will be possible to discuss every need and desire advanced by the employer and, at the same time, the person in charge of the works will have the opportunity to carry out an inspection so as to analyze every aspect of the landscape and the environment looking for a viable and sensible way for the realization. the final.

The landscape architect will quickly provide his quote to the buyer who will decide whether or not to start the work.

Generally, the costs for an initial inspection are around € 200- € 250 while the price for the realization of the project obviously varies according to what is intended.

For a rough project consisting of relief, a list of plants, calculation of quantities and costs, the approximate range is € 1,500 for a simple terrace and € 2,500 for gardens with a small-medium size.

These are only national averages, so it is good to ask the landscape architect in charge of the actual expense.

How to decorate your home with greenery with the help of a landscape design company in Dubai. Its task is mainly to devise a situation of continuity and a factor of balance between the internal and external spaces of the dwelling also trying to evaluate, at the same time, the most suitable and suitable materials to prepare furniture that is effective and functional. in equal measure.

His knowledge of the field is therefore fundamental to select the right garden plants, discarding those that, however, is not suitable for the context in which one is located. Only in this way will he succeed in creating a harmonious place.

The management of nature is fundamental for the realization of a furnishing project with green as a key aspect.

The help of a green designer is, therefore, really important in trying to make the most appropriate choice possible.

Perhaps, it may seem like a job like any other but, in reality, only these experts are able to come up with a winning idea, managing to make a myriad of factors coexist.

Expertise is the main weapon of an architect of this caliber and in this field, it can be said with extreme certainty that, if the client has clear ideas, it will be possible for the person in charge of the work to organize an almost flawless plan.

In addition to this, it is also good to point out that if you are in doubt about any aspect, you will always be well advised.

Green roofs or rooftop gardens, ask a landscape architect

Green roofs Nowadays this new feature is increasingly widespread with many examples both in Italy and throughout the rest of the world.

The desire for such a creation certainly stems from a purely stylistic choice but, in reality, it also has other key aspects to underline.

In the ecological field, a green roof is able to retain a large amount of water as well as retain fine dust, reduce noise pollution and offer a new living environment to numerous plants but also to various animals.

At an economic level, however, it will be possible to carry out this project by taking advantage of the eco-bonus, or a state incentive that will significantly lower the total costs.

It is good to rely on a specialist in the sector, such as a landscape architect, who will surely be able to provide fundamental information for the correct construction of a green roof.

Also interesting is the construction of a vertical vegetable garden or a vertical garden.

Ecology and Landscape Planning

Landscape planning is a discipline aimed at creating

one and the maintenance of the landscape; this is done by trying to meet the needs of both man and nature itself. In fact, it is good to take into consideration the need for the natural environment and the cultural heritage.

Planning and design, therefore, must identify and make compatible the needs of customers and those of the company in which they are located.

Each project has the obligation to respect the landscape without it being compromised by the establishment, for example, of an eco-monster.

Consequently, it is very important to also be able to respect the ecological factor to safeguard the environment and the whole world.

The term ecology indicates, in fact, the study of ecosystems and the analysis of the relationship between organisms and the environment.

Our planet is experiencing a period of crisis characterized by global warming and the melting of glaciers and therefore needs our intervention in a green key.

The landscape architect has the ability to realize their ideas by giving a lot of importance to this key aspect.

Enhancement and protection of spaces with the advice of a landscape architect

We are faced with an almost fundamental aspect in every valid and competent project; in fact, a landscape architect has the duty to protect spaces and to be able to enhance the latter in the best possible way.

It can be a difficult procedure and it is, therefore, essential to rely on experts who are able to apply competence, professionalism, and attention to the smallest details.

Expertise will be needed to be able to provide impeccable assistance, while attention to detail will be perfect for completing the work with the last and precise touches.

It is very important to be able to protect and enhance the spaces, especially when a small area is available.

In this case, the design work is very difficult and only a true expert will be able to make this small space a corner of paradise.

Remember, expertise is absolutely priceless.


Environment Sustainability is the ability to be able to carry on a collective lifestyle or an appropriate socio-economic model as a function of protecting the Earth.

This implies having to create a balance between the consumerism of primary goods and world resources and their subsequent regeneration.

This aspect is fundamental to be able to guarantee a world that is liveable and rich in fundamental goods for future generations.

There are three types of sustainability, namely environmental, social and economic, but it is that linked to the environment that is fundamental in the work of every landscape architect.

In fact, he wants and has the duty to protect nature and the environment thanks to his skills and his extreme professionalism.

It is a relationship with the environment defined as responsible.

It is therefore good to be able to use the resources for each project, for example for your garden, in a suitable way without exploiting them in an overly oppressive way.

The exhaustion is compensated by switching to replacement renewable resources and, in fact, research in recent decades has been making real progress in this sector.

Analysis and research of the most suitable technological systems

Technology This term refers to all electrical, heating, air conditioning, sanitary, and water systems, having at least one device of a technological nature.

Highly qualified technical work and a targeted study of projects are needed to be able to analyze and use the best technological systems which, in addition to being aesthetically functional, are able to respond to every possible need.

The technological systems designed must work comfortably, guaranteeing the customer initially a comfortable and effective installation and, subsequently, easy use of these devices.

A landscape architect will be able to select the most suitable product for your needs through his / her expertise and will be able to advise you in every step towards the final realization.

To sum up, a professional of this caliber will be able to guarantee you and your project an absolute quality, thanks to his enormous skills, and I will be able to advise you on the right precautions to be able to realize a truly winning idea.

So, do not hesitate and make a coherent choice to manage your ideas in the most functional way possible by choosing the right indoor and outdoor plants.

Choose a landscape architect, make an appropriate choice.


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