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What Can a Doctor’s Answering Service Do For You?

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There is no doubt that the doctor’s answering service has become very popular in recent years. More doctors choose this option rather than maintaining their answering service, there is nothing wrong with this decision, and if you are considering it, you are making the right one. However, what is the best doctor’s answering service, how much does it cost?

Doctors looking for better pay and working conditions should consider using medical answering services. This kind of service means that your patients are answered by a live person instead of an answering machine or receptionist. In addition to that, you don’t have to pay extra fees or taxes as some services do. HIPAA compliant medical answering services can fit into any on-site scheduling, allow real-time changes, support many doctors, and much more. Read on to find out more about this great service and what you should expect from it.

Works for All Type of Medical Practices: 

If you run a small practice or a small hospital, you can’t afford to maintain a full-time medical answering service. Most small hospitals only need help with a few patients at a time. If you have dozens of patients or more, you may want to consider using a web-based service instead. You can easily choose between a one-time fee for a single patient or an hourly rate for multiple patients.

When using the best doctor’s answering service, you will be charged according to your office’s size. The bigger your office, the more medical calls you will get each day. The good news is that these services are perfect for any type of medical practice, large or small. It doesn’t matter how many patients you have or how busy you are with your current staffing situation. An answering service will be able to advise you on the best way to handle your patients’ concerns by providing them with courteous and professional service.

Provides Highly Customized Services: 

Many doctors answering services offer highly customized services based on the needs of their clients. For example, if you have a really small office, you can still get quality service no matter your personnel numbers. You can set up a one-on-one appointment with a doctor in order to receive your tests or prescriptions online. You can even schedule times when you don’t feel like getting your medicine because you are at work or home. Some medical answering services even have set times when your calls are free.

Eliminates the Need for Hiring Extra Staff: 

One of the best parts of using a doctor answering service is the convenience. Rather than you having to spend extra time finding doctors to answer your calls, you can simply have them wait on your call list. This will eliminate the need to staff extra positions because you have a truly urgent situation, such as a child who needs to be seen right away. Since so many medical situations happen quickly, by having your calls answered by a highly trained professional, your emergency will go off without delay. Your patients are going to be able to reach the necessary medical professionals on time.

Do More Than Just Answering Calls: 

If you want to save even more time with your medical calls, doctor’s answering service companies also offer other solutions besides just phone service. A lot of them will email you a prescription, and some will even send your prescriptions directly to your door. In addition to this, some doctors offer virtual consultations over the phone, so you won’t have to leave your office at all in order to visit a virtual consultant. Some services even offer online booking for patients on their way to appointments and those who just need additional help before their appointment.

Takes Away Your Stress: 

Using a doctor’s answering service can take all the stress out of medical calls. Instead of you having to schedule appointments and deal with triage nurses and physician assistants, you simply have to call into any of the numbers offered by the doctors’ offices. With the service coming to your home or workplace, you can get back to your life quickly. You can be sure that your patients will receive only the best care without having to make any adjustments to their daily life.

Outsourcing doctor’s answering services can make a huge difference for your medical or healthcare practice. With a trusted professional medical service taking care of your incoming calls, your staff can focus its attention where it needs to be – on your patients.

There is an increasing number of healthcare companies entering the market and setting up all-new standards for customer experience. It is imperative for all the existing practices to level up their medical answering services and optimize their services to maintain a competitive benefit and cater to the varying demands of the patients.


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