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What Are Tube Sheet Hole Reamers?

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Before moving to the benefits of the tube sheet hole reamer it’s advisable to know about the same. The metal industries dependon the Reamers as an essential part of their manufacturing units. These Reamers are used with efficiency for the purpose of the hole precision process. The tube sheet hole reamers can make holes effortlessly on the flat metallic sheets. The corrosion-resistant steel body of the tool coated with titanium nitride enhances the durability of the tool.A reamer is meant as per the inside diameter fit to ensure easy cleaning and finishing of the already existing holes. The tube sheet hole reamers are best for appreciative, accurate and even defining of the same. These are even availablein various models ranging in diameters till 4”. 

Removal of churnsand resizing holes in the thermal exchangers and coolers can be done with ease with the help of reamers. In simple words, a reamer is a tool to develop a hole. In industrial applications, tube tools may be used to maintain or repair various tubing materials. 

Features of the tube sheet reamers

  • Durable due to cryogenic treatment, great rotating speed and coating of titanium nitride.
  • The mechanism of tube sheet reaming is appreciated in heat exchangers and propellers. 
  • Various variants are available in different sizes (from 3/8” O.D.- 1.1/4” O.D.).
  • Best for heat exchange and condensing of tube sheet reaming.

*Note: It should be noted that a reamer can be used for hole precision but it is not usedfor generating them.

Purpose of tube sheet hole reamer

  • Easy assembling: The assembling of the tube sheet hole reamer is completely free from any sort of tampering or difficulty. The procedure is totally stress-free. No need to worry about the matching diameter and stats. The proper diameter can be set at the starting of the process so that the tool has a practical and effortless approach.
  • Cheap and best: The tool is considered as cost-effective as the metal waste is minimised with the titanium nitride coating and also the tool is durable (can be used for a long time).
  • Ecological: The material used for the construction of the tool is that the reduction in material scrap reduces the environmental pollution.
  • Efficient and effective: The well-suitedright angle rolling device support efficient and effective cutting of the metallic sheet surface. The procedure is simple and accurate. A large number of edges in the tube sheet hole reamer tool enhance the quality of the outcome effectively.
  • Variety of big and small uses: The reamers can be used for the minor and major purposes that even includes the process of jewellery making.
  • Designed to enlarge the size of the hole already made: The tool can be used to resize the hole already made to suit your requirements and standards of quality. These enhance the quality of the product.

Different reamers like taper pin reamers, die maker reamers, morse taper reamers, automotive reamers etc. are made in different materials and can be customised for special flute styles. 


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