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What Are the Various Tricks to Start Blogging on a Shopify Store?

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Shopify is not a newer term for almost all of us. We know the importance of our online store and hence, we put efforts into making it the best experience for the customers. Along with many features that must be there on your website, the blog section is one of the most important segments that any Shopify Expert would suggest.

Most online business owners work with the Hire Shopify Developer to manage various sections on different devices, but if you are doing it all alone, you may need to know a few methods.

Keep on reading this guide to know how you can add a blog to the Shopify store.

Why add a blog section on any website?

If you’ve such a question in your mind, it’s essential to know the importance of blog posts for any website.

If anyone randomly visits your website and wants to know more about your services, products, or something relevant to your business, where will they go? The first thing they find out on your website is a blog section, from where they can grasp more information about the same.

More than that, blog posts are the most important assets for website ranking strategies. Ideally, you should keep your website up to date and ever-changing to make Google or other search engines notice you.

Frequent alteration of home page content, service page content, and many other web page content is not a reliable option.

Hence, an idea of adding a blog post section arises.

In this section, you can post relevant blog posts and insights about your business or products.

How can the same progress on the Shopify store?

Here are a few methods to start blogging on your Shopify store.

Using default Shopify blog

There is a default blog feature on Shopify that you need to activate to start the blog section on the site. However, it is an additional Shopify feature that you can activate or deactivate as per your requirements. It has a default name “News” that you can change as “Blog” if you want.

The path is to visit the Admin Panel, go-to online store, and blog posts section. You will find a manage blogs button there. Click on it and then you can add new blogs, manage the comment section, and launch the blog.   

Get a link from any external blog

Another method you can use is to get a link from another platform and place it with your Shopify store. It even has a feature to directly link the blog post in the main navigation. Since there will remain a few flaws that you need to overcome. You can choose to link blogs from other hosted platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, or any other. However, all of these platforms come up with some limitations.

Another option that you can choose is to run it on a self-hosted platform. WordPress is a suitable option but you need to pay for a domain name and web hosting which you may avoid if you are on a Shopify platform.


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