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What are the ultimate tips which help you choose the best T-shirt for you?

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Picking the best T-shirt

In men’s clothing, a T-shirt is one of those options which you find in every wardrobe. It is the perfect choice for casual wear but classy, at the same time.

The perfect fit of a T-shirt is shown when the seams are exploding, stuffed sausage-skin. It helps to emphasize the body and it won’t give the feeling that you are conscious.

  • Arms

Be it regular or rolled, it should hit the upper arm halfway to show your triceps and biceps.

  • Pecs/Shoulders

You should go with a slim-fitting option on this part and this way air circulated the entire body.

  • Abs or Narrow waist

If you have a narrow waist or bigger chest then you should try tapered cuts as it won’t cover the mid-section.

Basic consideration for all body types

If you feel the upper half of the body looks the best, then here are some of the considerations which everyone should try:

  • The perfect fit of a T-shirt should finish around the hip top. This helps you to raise your hand easily and your T-shirt won’t rise to a great extent.
  • Short sleeves should only cover the upper arm area in half and they should be as close to the skin but should not stretch.
  • Even a perfect-fit T-shirt should allow you to do your work easily. In simple terms, it should not feel too tight.

Choosing the right color

Neutral T-Shirts

The basic color options are black, white, grey, and navy, but they can genuinely change your existing look.


Jersey or grey marl is a combination of variegated shades. The final effect gives it flattering. If you are looking for something which makes your body shape better. Although, if you sweat a lot then do not with grey as it makes it easily noticeable.


How can you go wrong with black? It is true, it is everyone’s favorite. When you wear a black T-shirt it gives a rebellious look which is opposite to white. But, this color will fade quickly specifically in the summers.


Navy is one of the refined choices which is the same as black but you can wear it daily. This color has a depth to it, which is not black. Moreover, it can provide a tonal look when you pair it with blue or denim jeans.

Coloured T-Shirts

T-shirts are just for casual looks but their demand is increasing among the officer going individuals. If you are not inclined towards the neutral shades, then you can try the colored T-shirts. It will give a fresh look and give you the boost of energy to do your daily work. So, you should try different colors.

Wear what you like!

Well! There is no hard and fast rule that you need to try something specific only. The best part is that a T-shirt is an affordable and effective option to try in the summers. So, just try what you like.


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