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What are the topmost tips to take proper care after hair transplant surgery?

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Undergoing hair transplant treatment is the ideal approach for the patient to deal with hair loss. Following the hair transplant in Punjab, you must be well-informed about how to take proper care. To have a speedy recovery you must follow the suggestions given by the doctor. In this guide, we will share the tips to take proper care following the hair transplant.

  • Initial days after surgery need utmost care

Following the hair transplant, you can go back to your home. But you must rest as it is the essential approach for healing. Make sure to not scratch or pick on the wound. Also, you need to avoid a strenuous work regime like bending, lifting, playing sports, manual working, or any other strenuous workout.

It is better to stay indoors as excessive heat can damage the hair grafts. Don’t blow the nose too hard as it will affect the wound site and even result in bleeding.

  • Managing pain and swelling

Swelling is common in the first week and you must take the anti-inflammatory medications and apply an ice pack on the scalp. You should apply it every 15 to 20 minutes. Keep the head elevated and keep 2 or more pillows as this won’t put pressure on the grafts. Take the pain medications as suggested by the doctor.

  • Infection

Although infection is rare, you still need to be extra careful for at least 2 weeks. You should not let dust, sweat, or bacteria get into the area of hair transplantation. In case, you notice swelling, severe pain, or redness, call for emergency help right away.

  • Work, sports, and activities

You can get back to your normal working regime within a few days. Just give yourself enough time that healing is done or the initial swelling has subsided. You should only get into the dusty environment. It would be better that you pamper yourself or take a little break after a hair transplant. You need to avoid saunas, bathtubs, or areas with extremely high temperatures.

  • Peeling

If you feel itchy or irritated, then it can go away by applying a sterile saline solution or apply aloe vera gel as it has a cooling property in it. Flakes start falling after 7 to 10 days.

  • Hair-care Regime

3 to 4 days after the surgery, you need to do a hair wash. Although, you need to apply pressure gently, otherwise it will dislodge the grafts from their position. You should not shower, bathe, or submerge the head underwater for 1 month. It is suggested to use a towel to dry your hair for at least 30 days.

  • Hair cut and styling

You can get a haircut after 3 months, but do not use a razor for 6 months.

Bear in mind, that the first 15 days after the surgery are crucial. You should follow the above-mentioned tips and if you have any doubts, then consult the doctor right away.


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