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What are the topmost tips to get the tastiest and healthiest Greek cuisine?

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When we travel to a new place, visiting new places and trying new cuisine is what we all aim for. Among the food lovers, greek food has made a different place in their hearts. You should explore the different options at the best greek restaurant Sydney. To get the best food experience, read the article thoroughly.

Tip 1: Order the best food option at a tourist place

On our travels to other countries, we love to visit tourist places. The food you order should be right and make sure to make the final decision carefully. When you order the best food, it will make the entire experience even better. Some of the common food options which you should order are:

  • Greek Salad
  • Tzatziki
  • Anchovies or Sardines-marinated or salted
  • Fava (yellow split pea dip)
  • Boiled Greens (Horta) accompanied with feta cheese
  • Lather: Cooked vegetables in oil
  • Stewed Meat

Important note

You should not go with fried options like small fish, meatballs, or other fried food. Some places pre-fry the food and then warm it up before serving. So, make sure that the place you choose to order food should be done carefully. Bear in mind, not to go with the average food.

Tip 2: Choose the vegetarian options carefully

No doubt, greek cuisine is filled with vegetarian options but you need to choose it carefully. If you want to try something vegetarian then you should have the lathera which is a type of vegetable cooked in olive oil and tomatoes are added with herbs. There are other options like:

  • Fasolakia (green beans)
  • Gemista (tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice)
  • Briami (Greek version of ratatouille)
  • Melitzanes (eggplant)

Tip 3: Do not settle for less

You should never choose a restaurant which has a little bit of everything as it will make things a mess. If you come across such a restaurant then you can be sure that their food will taste average. So, make sure to visit the restaurant which serves just one type of cuisine.

Tip 4: Greek cuisine is not just about the meat

With greek cuisine, you should try grilled meat. In case you want to try the meat dishes then you should choose these options:

  • Lamb and goat

The greek lamb and goat have a mild taste to them along with its smell. The way it is cooked makes it best in taste.

  • Stewed meat

Under this option, you can try lamb or chicken which is loaded with tomato sauce or other dishes. It includes lamb with greens or pork with celery. You can try them with egg-lemon sauce.

Tip 5: Try Greek desserts

To make your trip even better, you should try the greek desserts. One of the best choices is greek yogurt with honey, baklava, amygdala (fluffy along-egg whites), mastiha ice cream, greek donuts with walnuts & honey.

For the best greek meal, you should find the best restaurant. It is going to make your entire food experience the best. Just try this cuisine one time and it will become one of your favorites.


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