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What are the top tips to choose the healthy and best Indian food options?

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No doubt, Indian cuisine is the most delicious and is the most preferred food option. Indian food is known for the vibrant color, aroma, mouth-watering dishes, blend of spices, and different tastes which make it stand out from the other food options. You should visit the best Indian Restaurant Sydney to find the best food options which are known for providing different health benefits. In this article, we will make you understand the tips to choose healthy food options from the Indian menu.

Tips to choose the healthy food options

  • Pick up the lentil made items

Indian cuisine provides a great range of lentil-based dishes. Most importantly, they are known for giving several health benefits. Some of the food options which you need to include are:

  • Chana masala
  • Dal Bukhara
  • Chhole

These are filled with proteins and fibrous content. If you want to consume Dal Makhani then you should be careful about the quantity you want to consume.

  • Pick tandoori oven-fried

Indian menu is filled with fried and tandoori food options. You should choose the healthier ones. Tandoori means the cooking is done in the clay oven. Some of the delectable appetizer options are pakoras and samosas are deep-fried. The roasted and grilled options are tandoori and kebabs. The items are tandoori chicken and tandoori chicken are marinated in spicy texture & grilled over the tandoori.

  • Don’t go for gravy and the ones with Malai

The Indian cuisine is filled with gravy and its nutritional value is less. It is not suggested because it contains spices, oil, and creams. You should choose dry dishes like mixed vegetables, chana masala, chicken tikka, dry Manchurian, and other options. You should order sauce-based curries like baingan bharta, chicken achari, Matar paneer, and chana masala.

  • Include the vegetables

The amazing food options are found in the Indian menu and you will find a whole lot of vegetable options. It includes saag, aloo gobhi, baingan bharta, bhindi masala, mixed vegetables, and much more. The vegetables contain high amounts of nutritional value and the blend of spices is what makes it perfect. Also, the use of fresh ingredients makes the entire meal fulfilling and delicious.

  • Indian bread is one of a kind

Indian meals are complete with bread. The bread can be enjoyed with gravy and dry items. You can try different options like rumali roti, naans, parathas, and chapati. The chapati & roti are filled with protein and a fibrous diet. The bread is filled with different flavors and it will give your taste buds to enjoy different flavors.

  • Yogurt is beneficial for health

Indian menu is filled with different raitas options. Some can be drunk and it is filled with sauce along with salad & kebabs. It is filled with protein and its refreshing taste makes it best during summertime.

Final thought!

So, it is clear that Indian cuisine is filled with several amazing food options. If you are looking for amazing delicious food options, then try out these.


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