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What Are The Top Reasons To Use PostgreSQL?

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PostgreSQL is a compatible relational database that works with almost all types of Operating Systems (OS). This open-source database uses Structured Query Language (SQL) for easily accessing data in the database’s tables. Thus, it is named Postgres. The prominent features of the PostgreSQL database are: highly robust and very much reliable, effortless and simple recovering process, low maintenance cost, and less manual efforts. There is one group of PostgreSQL developers known as PostgreSQL Global Development Group who is responsible for the development and maintenance of the PostgreSQL database.

Usually, people call PostgreSQL Postgres. This relational database system uses Structured Query Language (SQL) as its query language. The database management system is a blend of various applications, libraries, and different utilities. There are plenty of database management systems out there in the market. But, PostgreSQL is in high demand. If you want to learn more about this DBMS, you should watch the PostgreSQL tutorial online. 

To dive deep inside the PostgreSQL database system, we need to understand what a database is. The database can be described as the form of a system where we can store our huge amount of data and can easily retrieve the stored data. In addition to storing and retrieving, it is also possible to manipulate the data in the database. Nowadays, every application has its database. 

What Makes PostgreSQL Stand Out?

PostgreSQL is an old database management system and we can easily integrate any programming language with this database. It allows the developers to define their customized functions. There are various amazing features of this relational database-PostgreSQL that are difficult to find in other database systems. As we have already described that this database system is old, therefore, it is easy to overcome the problems. There is a huge community base for PostgreSQL.

While working with PostgreSQL, you will find that it is quite flexible to work with. Also, it supports the user-defined primitive data types. The primitive data types are those that came with the language itself. The PostgreSQL system implements multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) and this database management system has its own command.

Reasons For Using The PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL has various amazing characteristics and they are mentioned below:

  • Sophisticated locking
  • Subselects
  • View
  • Foreign key referential integrity
  • Rules
  • Inheritance
  • MVCC (Multiple version concurrency control)
  • Transactions
  • User-defined types.

PostgreSQL has various advanced features that you may not find in any other open-source database system. Thus, this database management system will offer various advantages to your business. This database is compatible with almost all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

Strength Of PostgreSQL

  1. Open Source DBMS

PostgreSQL database system is the only one among various open-source DBMS that offer enterprise-class performance and features. This open-source database management system offers endless development possibilities. In addition to this, the PostgreSQL users can easily and directly contact the PostgreSQL community and share their inconveniences.  

  1. Diverse Community

The main characteristic of PostgreSQL is that there is a wide range of communities. The PostgreSQL user can develop the modules and suggest them to the PostgreSQL community. Thus, the improvement and development possibilities are high in the PostgreSQL DBMS. The collective opinion of people can help in adding various attractive features to the open-source relational database.

  1. Function

The functions of SQL are known as ‘Stored Procedure’ and they can be utilized for the server environment. In addition to this, we also have support languages just like PL/SQL in Oracle like PL/pgSQL, PL/Python, PL/Perl, C/C++, and PL/R.

  1. ACID and Transaction

The open-source relational database management system-PostgreSQL supports ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability).

  1. Different Indexing Methods

The PostgreSQL database management system not only provides B+ tree index techniques, but also offers various kinds of methods like GIN(Generalized Inverted Index), and GiST(Generalized Search Tree), etc.

  1. Flexible Full-text search

In this database management system, it is possible to search the full-text while searching for the string.

  1. Diverse kinds of replication

This open-source relational database system provides support for various replication techniques like Slony-I, Streaming Replication, and cascading.

  1. Diversified extension functions

The PostgreSQL technique offers support for various kinds of methods for geographics data storage like PostGIS, Key-Value Store, and DBLink.

Wrap Up

PostgreSQL DBMS system can be used for developing and running different types of applications on different platforms. As it supports various programming languages, thus it allows flexibility to programmers to easily work with it. This database system is widely used in top MNCs around the whole world. Various companies and different sectors are preferring to use this relational database such as companies in IT sectors, health care services, Media, hotels, education, etc. This relational database is quite popular in both small and medium-size companies because it is available to use for no cost. Even though it is an ancient database system, the demand for PostgreSQL is very high. If you will add PostgreSQL as a skill in your profile, then it will help you to gain success in your career.



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