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What are the things which you should avoid while writing a children’s book?

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Books are a great way to tell about the way you feel. Even if your book is of 15 pages or 100 pages if what you have written reaches the person who reads you have done the best of everything. No doubt, it is a whole process of getting the book published by the best Book Publishers London.  If we talk about the Children books publisher then they are particular with what they publish and there should not be anything misleading or written in a wrong way that gives a wrong message. In this article, we have mentioned top things which you should avoid while you plan to write a children’s book.

Things to avoid while writing children’s book

  • Mix the age categories

You need to stick to the age category which you want to write about. It’s better that you don’t mix the age. Understand that the age group of 5 to 7 will not be able to grasp easily what is written for the children of age 8 to 10. So, consider this aspect, and then only you should start writing.

  • Avoiding the words in younger children book

When we talk about the pictures book then make sure the word count is not more than 800. Well! That includes the back and front part also.

  • Don’t give the moral of the story right away

You should not give the moral of the story right away. You must talk them through the situation and then in the end make them understand the lesson. Be it story or characters everything should weave in together properly.

  • The bland title is a big NO

No need to keep the title too bland. If it’s not able to attract an audience then clearly your book will not sell. In addition, you need to keep it simple yet attractive that it is easy to search and read. If your book is written in a particular language that is not that common, then use the subtitles. Doing these small things can make you benefit from marketing your book.

  • Don’t make the characters too bland

Your main role needs to be active and taking all the bold decisions which are right to do so. Your character should do something which motivates them to do the same and the parents should also feel that what you have written is worth telling their kids. Keep the character joyful, no need to be dark.

  • No need to be slow at the start

The start has to be something that excites the user to read more and more. Basically, they should wait for what is the end. You need to keep the suspense alive. If the start is slow then the user is going to lose interest right away & won’t even bother reading the next pages. So, you need to keep things on the top from the start.

It’s all about doing things the right way and following every small thing to write the best children’s book.


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