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What are the Essential Woodworking Tools?

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Whether you’re thinking of taking on an extensive DIY project, or if you’re planning on taking up carpentry work, woodworking is most likely to be essential. It can seem overwhelming at first when you consider all the different woodworking tools available – but there are some essential ones to focus on. Below, we explore what woodworking involves, plus the must-have woodworking tools.

What does a woodworker do?

Woodworking and carpentry require a wide range of skills. Both are manual activities that require creativity and mathematical precision. From creating structures such as kitchens and bathrooms, to crafting furniture and ornaments, it can underpin many projects. Ultimately though, the same collection of tools are always essential.

Cordless drill

Electrical tools are important for any woodworker. Cutting wood to a precise measurement can be tiring work, but electrical tools can expedite the process and help you to work much more efficiently. A cordless drill is just one of these tools. The drill will help you quickly create holes in the wood to attach it to other objects.

Set of wood drill bits

Accompanying your drill, you’ll need the appropriate bits to attach to it. These will help you create holes in the wood to the exact measurement required. Ensure that you get a wide array of bits depending on the type of holes you need to create. At the same time, purchasing duplicate bits is never a bad thing – the bits can often wear down over time and will need replacing.

Screw gun

Screws help fasten different pieces of wood together but fitting them can be physically demanding. By purchasing a screw gun though, you can drive screws in faster and more efficiently.


A hammer can seem like a basic tool, but it’s always handy. While woodworking, you’re going to find that nailing items in place is a regular job. By getting the right hammer with a comfortable grip, you should be all set.

Spirit Level

A level is another simple piece of equipment that’s easy to buy. This instrument will help you ensure that your materials are exactly level once you’ve cut them down to size.


A jigsaw is another crucial tool. It allows you to smoothly cut curved and circular patterns in wood. They’re best for projects where accuracy isn’t critical and where the materials aren’t too thick.

Miter saw

A miter saw does a similar job to a jigsaw – except that it specialises in cutting precise angles in your material.

Amassing your woodworking tool collection can seem daunting initially. But by following the above advice, you should be able to put together a versatile set for most projects.


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