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What Are the Different Types of Roof Designs, Roof Shapes, and Roof Styles?

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Knowing the roof style can assist you in deciding which roof or addition of the material is the best for your house. If you are not sure about the type of roof, or roof style, then at roofers Solihull services you will have up to 13 different types of roof types. So, what are the different types of roof designs, shapes, and styles? Let’s take a look:

Saltbox Roofs:

This roof is preferred by those, who care about aesthetics. Its unique design and exquisite serve as eye candy to you. It is long, asymmetrical pitch two-sided with contrasting long and short lengths. The saltbox roof is commonly featured in one-story houses, on one hand, and, on two floors, on the other side of it. For the salt shaker, the design tends to be more resistant to the wind, in the standard gable home.

Mansard Roofs:

They are made up of four slopes. There are two slides to every side of your home. The lower slope is steeper than the upper slope. In some cases, the top of the slope is not visible from the ground. – The unique roofs French aesthetics offers additional living and storage space, on the top of the house.

Gambrel Roofs:

Gambrel roofs are not very different from the mansard roofs of houses. The main difference is that the Gambrel-style roofs have upright gable ends, and it has Dutch roots, in comparison with that of the mansard’s French roots.

Pyramid Roofing:

The pyramid roof is just what it sounds like. It is in the shape of a pyramid! Pyramid roofs are usually installed in very small areas of the home. They are usually installed in garages, swimming pools, and other smaller buildings.

Hipped Roofs:

Hipped roofs have a few differences from pyramid-shaped roofs. Instead of making a point at the top, each side is attached to a flat surface and the ridge. From an architect’s point of view, a hipped roof, is much more than just a pyramid roof. This is the most popular roof style, and, in general, it is best to work in high-wind areas.

Cross-Gabled Roofs:

This is the roof style that looks like a triangle when viewed from the front of the house. Even though there are a variety of gabled roofs, they look pretty (and functional) in housing with extra wings. In this way, every part of the house has a cross-gabled roof for maximum aesthetics.

Flat Roofs

Roofs are relatively easy to build as compared to other, and are advanced types of roofs. Flat roofs are preferred for their simplicity and ease of access. A flat roof will support your weight when you decide to walk through it. The only drawback of this type of roof is that the dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris might accumulate on the surface easily than other types of roofing materials.

Bonnet Roofs:

Bonnet roofs are not that much different from the hipped roof and pyramid-shaped rooftops. However, the roof has two sides, that lean out at an angle to provide shelter for an outdoor patio. With eaves that extend beyond the House, it will be easier for you to prevent water from seeping around the bottom of the walls.

Skillion Roofs:

The Skillion roof has been built with a single slope. It is best viewed as a hybrid of a triangular-shaped roof and a flat roof. In many cases, a skillion roofs can be used in any part of your home. Rainwater tends to drain easily from the skillion roof.

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Sawtooth roofs have two or more parallel pitched roofs, having the slope and the vertical surfaces. It looks like a side view of a saw. High peaks are used for the vaulted ceiling or loft living area.

The butterfly roof:

The butterfly roof is composed of two tandem sections, which are tilting at a V-shape angle. The way the two pieces will be placed in the middle gives the effect of the wings of a butterfly in flight, in the open air. The butterfly roof allows rainwater to be absorbed, so more drainage is needed in the middle of it.

Curved Roof:

Curved roofs are not much different from the skill ion roof with the exception that the planes are curved. The curve can be designed with any small or big arch shape. Curved roofs are of a  special curb appeal.


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