What are the Different Desert Tour Packages Available in Dubai?

desert safari dubai

Being the largest city in the UAE, Dubai has numerous elements that attract tourists from different parts of the world. The vast desert and the sky-touching skyscrapers together bring an amazing contrast within the city. Desert safari Dubai has always been the main attraction for travel lovers. Everyone visiting the city makes it a point to go for the desert safari and enjoy the Bedouin culture.

desert safari

These safaris have numerous activities designed for different age groups. You can have the most thrilling experience along with your friends or family on one such desert safari tour. Are you willing to take on to the desert on a quad bike or ride the tallest animal on earth? This post will help you learn about the various types of desert safari in dubai.

There is a safari package filled with exciting activities for all types of individuals. So, go through this write-up and choose the tour package that perfectly suits all your needs.

Different Types of Desert Safaris in Dubai

Dubai is one such city from where no one returns empty-handed or dissatisfied. The tour planners in this city have designed several desert safari packages that include all the activities a travel lover would love to explore. One can opt for a morning safari, an evening desert safari, or choose the combination of both of the above safaris.

You can pick up a package according to your convenience, and the time you shall spend in the city. Each of these packages is treated as a premium desert safari dubai, and they have a wide range of activities. The desert looks breathtaking at different times of the day, and it changes its view several times from the morning to the night.

Therefore, you are in a win-win situation, no matter which desert safari tour package you choose. However, if you have a small budget and need to make conscious decisions, combo tour packages will work best for you. This tour package will save your time and money if you do not want to miss out on the two individual safaris. Below you will learn in detail about the three desert safari packages available for travelers in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari

The morning desert safari in Dubai starts quite early to ensure you do not miss out on the view of the rising sun. These safaris are an amazing way to ditch the hustle and bustle of the city and start a calm and relaxed day. The desert stays relatively empty in the early morning hours, and the sunrays soothing the body.

The morning is the best time to indulge in various desert activities since the sand heats a lot as time passes. Therefore, choosing the morning safari will help you complete your adventure activities in the dubai desert safari location in a cool atmosphere. Some popular activities in this safari are camel riding, quad bike riding, sandboarding, hot air ballooning, etc.

You will get to devour into a mouth-watering breakfast in the morning desert safari tour. The breakfast menu will include a wide range of local cuisines, such as Balaleet, Chbaab, and others. You will be treated to the world-renowned Arabian coffee that is a favourite of all coffee lovers.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are ideal for those who want to enjoy the pleasant night view of the desert and attend the camps. These safaris commence once the sun sets and the weather becomes cool. You can participate in several exciting activities like dune bashing and hot air ballooning and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the setting sun.

Next, the Bedouin camp awaits you, where you can witness the fantastic performances of belly dancers. Visitors can also participate in camp activities like Shisha, henna-painting, and falconry. You should not forget to capture these beautiful memories in your camera and show them to your people back home. The night safari completes with a scrumptious barbeque dinner buffet where you can taste continental and local food items.

Combined Desert Safari

The combined safari package is considered the best desert safari Dubai for people looking for a comprehensive option. Combined packages are your savior if you have a time and budget crunch since they will prevent you from missing any special moment. Most tour operators in Dubai offer customized packages, including day and night safaris.

In these safari packages, you will get to enjoy the morning and nightlife in the beautiful desert of the city. All types of activities are included in these safaris, along with exclusive meal options. Therefore, if you visit Dubai for the first time and have a short time in hand, opt for a combined desert safari package.


Desert safari dubai packages will spoil you with numerous options for adventurous activities. First, however, you should choose a reliable tour operator who will offer you all the promised services.

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