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What Are The Differences Between LED Domestic Lights And Industrial Lights

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Commercial and home lighting are two very different types of lighting. The difference between the two differs in terms of purpose, concepts, and cost. As a result, it is critical to understand the differences, as improper applications can result in a significant inefficiency drop.

  • Residential lighting is concerned with interior and exterior home lighting solutions.
  • Commercial lighting deals with specialized lighting solutions for industrial or retail spaces, including hotels, corporate workspaces, and medical centers, among others. Commercial lighting can also include lighting used to illuminate public infrastructure facilities such as roads, highways, and other government facilities.

Keep reading to explore the primary distinctions between LED domestic lights and industrial lights: 

Serves Different Purposes

Lighting systems are deployed for a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial settings. The majority of domestic lighting is installed to accent the interior features of the house. It is most commonly used as ambient lighting to make the residential environment more practical and pleasant. Corporate offices or other industrial spaces choose commercial light fixtures and smart lighting systems that support employee health and wellness, resulting in increased productivity. The Clipsal iconic dimmer is an excellent choice for both residential and industrial lighting. It comes with innovative mechanisms, allowing you to alter the lighting level. The pushbutton dimmer switch regulates multi-way switching and dimming with ease to help achieve the ideal lighting.

Cost Price

The pricing of domestic lights and industrial lighting solutions depends on various factors, including the brand, light design, etc. But the differentiating factor is that industrial lighting systems come with a slew of extra features and components, which adds to the cost. And because their initial investment is substantially more, they are more expensive than their residential counterparts. But with the right kind of lighting solutions, LED industrial lights can pay for themselves in the long run. Certified Clipsal iconic dimmers minimize energy costs which allow a favorable return on investment. These innovative dimmers also boost operability and user satisfaction with integrated technologies and energy-efficient features.

Lighting Concepts

Lighting in industrial spaces is intended to increase cost & energy efficiency, safety, and well-being of personnel. As a result, commercial clients frequently prefer neutral white or cool white light fixtures with a color temperature of about 4000K. Lighting design in a home space is determined by the size of the house, and the purpose of the room. You can create different colored lights to match the mood, be it warm white, natural white, cold white, etc. 

Significant Durability Difference

LED lights designed for commercial use are often more durable than those designed for home use. Because of their sensitivity to long service hours and extreme circumstances, commercial lighting manufacturers are required to provide them with more advanced features and operability. Clipsal iconic dimmers for commercial buildings keep you on the cutting edge of technology, offering superior durability and sustainability. 


Home lights come in various colors that are ideal for creating an atmosphere, which is not an option for commercial spaces. Industrial lighting solutions, on the other hand, are designed with a large volume of movement and traffic in mind. Commercial spaces are designed to attract a large number of visitors throughout the day. As a result, their lighting requirements are naturally higher. 


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