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What Are The Categories Of Construction Companies?

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In the UK there are many different types of companies that work in the building industry. They include general contractors, engineering and design companies, designers, architects and plumbers. Some companies are involved in a few different fields and can be thought of as sub-categories of others. This is an explanation of the most common types of firms in the UK.

General Contractors

Construction Company UK is involved in the planning and design aspects of building a building or refurbishing an existing building. They are responsible for finding the appropriate people to build the project on budget and within the constraints of the building’s code. They are also responsible for ensuring that all required licenses are in place and working at all times. Their role might involve some temporary staff changes during peak construction times.

Vision And Ideas

Designers are responsible for bringing the visions and ideas of the client and the architect together. They work with all levels of the building project from concept to conception to completion. Once the designs are final they often act as the go-between for all negotiations between the architect and builder. It is essential to have a team of designers involved in the process of planning and implementing the plans. This is a broad category and there are many different sub-categories within it.

Architects are one of the biggest categories of construction companies in the UK. They are responsible for the layout and design of homes, buildings and public places. They use technical drawings to make the plan. The most highly skilled designers will form part of the executive team of any large company.

Planning Of The Building

An architect is not only involved in the planning of the building itself but also has an important role to play during the planning stage. He/she must liaise with the local council and local residents to get consent for the development. Planning is one of the most crucial stages and construction teams working on large buildings will often employ a planner for this work. Homebuilders will sometimes use engineers as well although it is rare.

Foundations Of The Building

Once planning is complete the next phase of the Construction Company Uk process is to work on the foundations of the building. This is known as foundation work and it is an essential role for companies of all kinds. Construction engineers are responsible for carrying out this work by making sure the foundations of the buildings and homes are sound and strong. They also oversee the drainage system and main electrical cables.

Some engineers will be involved in the construction itself while others will be involved in the commissioning and installation. This work is carried out under the supervision of structural engineers who have the overall responsibility for the building’s structure and integrity. These engineers will also liaise with the builders and conduct final testing. Engineers also work alongside civil engineers to ensure that the site is compliant with local regulatory bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive.

When considering what are the categories of construction companies? you must not only take into account the type of building or homes you wish to erect but also at what scale. For example, small houses are built on a small footprint. In contrast, medium-sized buildings take up quite a bit of space. And large buildings require a lot more space. Understanding what category of construction you fall under will help you plan your project and work to the best of your ability.

Construction process

The next step involves the engineering part of the construction process. It is essential that all components are manufactured to the highest standards possible to avoid costly mistakes. Good engineers will have extensive knowledge in this area and are capable of creating plans and drawings to guide construction. They should also be familiar with foundations, structures and rigging. The last part of the construction process is the management of the whole construction process. Construction managers have the responsibility to delegate all necessary tasks required to complete the construction job to sub-contractors and supervisors. They monitor the completion date of each task and assign individual employees to oversee specific projects. An understanding of what are the categories of construction companies? you will want to study further into this field to become an effective manager in the construction industry more than Buzztum.


Construction companies are constantly changing and growing. With new technological advancements, it is important to consider what are the categories of construction companies? you want your company to be ahead of the game and compete with all of your competitors. You can achieve this by utilizing engineering, construction, management and project skills. By implementing these three categories, you can ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition and becomes the best in your chosen industry.


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