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What Are the Best Types of Corals for My Reef Tank?

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Setting up your reef aquarium with corals, if you do not choose the right one according to your expertise, can mean that your coral can end up unhappy in their new environment. Thus, knowing about different types of coral can help you make an informed decision.

If you want to learn about the types of corals for a reef tank, then keep reading.

Soft Corals

Soft corals are known for adjusting well to life in an aquarium and needing low to medium lighting and similar reef conditions. They are made of rigid calcium carbonate and proteins and do not have an exoskeleton. Reef keepers should keep in mind that most soft corals can grow rapidly when they are present in reef aquariums.

Some of the most well-known soft corals are blue corals, pipe corals, green star polyps, and tree corals.

Blue corals have aragonite skeletons and contain polyps that live in tubes throughout the skeleton.

Green star polyps, a type of Pachyclavularia coral, are distinct for their vibrant color and star-like polyp arrangement. They are easy to take care of, as long as you have a high water flow and the right amount of lighting. It is also considered one of the best corals for beginners to get.

Compared to other corals, tree corals have thin stalks which do not contain any polyps. Instead, the polyps are located on the thin branches attached to the stalks.

Hardier Corals

Hardier corals are made from rigid calcium carbonate, but do not have the proteins that soft corals have. This makes them develop an internal skeleton and resemble rocks. They grow slowly and do not develop a lot of color as they mature.

Some of the most popular types of harder corals are bubble coral, staghorn coral, and finger coral.

Bubble coral are called such because of their bubble-shaped polyps. When handling them, try and avoid brushing it against hard surfaces. If you end up doing so, its delicate polyps may get torn.

Staghorn coral have really porous and lightweight skeletons. They can be challenging to care for because they need stable tank conditions and a lot of light.

Finger coral are notable for their stalks that look like fingers. When caring for this coral, make sure it has a lot of space around them in the tank and let it have a lot of light.

Learn About the Right Types of Corals for Reef Tank

From the most popular corals to corals cared for by more experienced owners, getting the right types of corals for reef tanks can help enhance your tank. Once you get the right corals for you and your skillset, the corals you choose will be easy to care for. Before finalizing what will be in your reef tanks, do your research beforehand on the types of corals for a reef tank.

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