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Which Are The Best Email Extractors For Extracting Emails For Email Marketing?

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What Are The Best Email Extractors For Extracting Emails For Email Marketing? Are you looking for the best email extractor software that can find and export emails from websites but doesn’t know where to find and how to find and which is the best one for your business and marketing needs? Then, you are at the right place!

You will find here a list of the best email scraping tools for you. In this list, you will know about the best email data collection tools on the internet and be able to compare their pros, cons, features, and pricing.

So, what is an Email Extractor Software?

An Email Scraper is software that helps you find and extract emails from websites, search engines, and local files without writing a single line of code and export them in CSV, Excel, or Text files for use. These tools can be either desktop applications or Chrome extensions.

By choosing the right Email Grabber Software, you’ll be able to find prospects anywhere in the world, qualify them effectively, build a strong email list, engage with them via email.

Also, with most Email Extractors, you can:

Modify your search criteria

Generate a list of relevant and active email addresses for different industries, countries, and categories

If we agree that these tools are quite useful to collect data for email marketing, then let’s see the best email extractor software.

1. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Grabber Pro is an email list-building software that helps you to quickly build fresh B2B and B2C email contact lists from the websites, search engines, and local files. You need to just search for your on Google or other search engines by name and the Email Crawler automatically finds all the results from Google related to your keywords.

With a click of a button, Cute Web Email Finder export the search results into Excel, CSV, or Text files on your computer/laptop. You don’t have to manually copy-paste anything. The software intelligently gets you the first name, last name, company name, and email address in a spreadsheet format.


Cute Web Email Hunter enables you to

  • Find prospect emails by name, zip code, country code, and website URL.
  • Build your own B2B and B2C email list easily & effortlessly
  • And build an email list for any industry and country as it supports 66 search engines and 195 countries.
  • Build your own trustworthy Email Database
  • Build an accurate list of email addresses of potential clients and businesses & make more sales conversions
  • Detect duplicate emails and provides only emails that you need
  • Support various formats to export emails like CSV, Excel, or Text files
  • Save a lot of time & money
  • It has 4.8 ratings on Google.


Its price is just 60$ for one year.

It also has a 3 day free trial with some limitations.

2. Top Lead Extractor

Top Email and Phone Number Extractor is the best tool to find the email addresses and phone numbers of people, whether from search engines, websites, or local files.

Benefits Of Top Lead Extractor:

  • Email And Phone Number Finder can find personal and business emails and phone numbers from the internet.
  • It provides 95-99% accurate data
  • So it can find emails, phone numbers, and social media ids from websites.
  • It has 4.7 ratings on Google.
  • It is understandable by everyone due to its easy-to-use interface.
  • Support CSV, Excel, and Text file formats.
  • Duplicate Data Detection


It’s the price is just 79.99$ for one year

You can try the software for 3 days with some limitations before purchasing.


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