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What Are The Benefits Of Kentico Development?

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The Kentico CMS happens to be an online content management system or CMS which can be used to create Web 2.0 websites, community sites, intranet and online stores. Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET are used by the Kentico CMS for the purpose of development with the help of its Portal Engine. There is support for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio or MVC in this CMS. Know about some of the top business advantages of Kentico development, and why it can be a good idea to opt for it.

Ease of Use

This is one of the CMS systems that are most convenient to use. There is no special skill or technical proficiency needed for using this CMS. Any individual who browses the web can easily add dynamic content, add and update pages and develop stunning websites that are rich in terms of features. There admin system of Kentico comes with tutorials and step-by-step guides as well as forums, blogs and videos. It is possible to edit the system and update it, and help make business operations effective as well as more efficient.


The CMS has plenty of features, and there is provision for messaging, forums, blogging, eCommerce and more. Unlike other CMS systems, there is no need for add-ons here to get the kind of features and functionalities that are needed. It has a wide range of features and with a simple license update, it can be easy to unlock all the important features and extra modules at a later point of time.

The updates have files and documentation that are targeted at many ambiences, so as to help clients easily derive advantages from the upgrades. With the installation packages, website administrators can update Kentico sites fast and add new functionalities as well as enhancements.

Fabulous Support

There are various support methods available from Kentico – such as support tickets, email, blogs, forums and more. Step-by-step guides are offered by Kentico for each product update. It has professionally written installation packages, and special kinds of requirements – if any, are well-defined and can be followed with ease. There are forums, FAQs, blogs, article sets on the devnet. kentico.com website as well.


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