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What Are the Advantages of Slate Roofing?

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Slate roofing is one of the most common roofing that you find in many homes that are either new, or that are undergoing renovation. Since it is a process that makes the roof fire and storm resistant, many homeowners see this as a positive roof repairing investment process. Slate roofing is a very efficient way of protecting your roof. It helps you protect it in a lot of ways. 

Some of the Advantages of Slate Roofing Are as Mentioned Below:

  • Slate roofing helps in saving a lot of energy resources. It is a very efficient way of keeping your house protected from the different weather calamities. It keeps your house cool during the summer and keeps your house warm during winter. It also acts as a great barrier in protecting your house from the rain, hail, sleet or snowfall.
  • Roofing is also one of the best ways to keep your house safe from any fire emergencies. A slate is a natural rock substance, and it has all the qualities of a rock which makes it 100% fire-resistant, unlike any other roof protectors. It is a heavy product, and it keeps your home completely safe from major emergencies where some heavy object might fall on the roof.
  • Another benefit of using slate is that is completely environmentally friendly. And you do not have to worry about harming the environment in any way while protecting your house. Slate occurs naturally and thus none of its processes causes any damage to nature. It does not give out dust while it is placed on the roof, it is better than an asbestos roof, and does not cause any situation of ill-health.
  • Since slate is a naturally occurring substance and there is no chemical used in any of its processing, slates usually last longer than any other protecting resources which mostly have added chemicals in them. Slate is known to last as long as 100 years if taken good care of and sometimes they even last as long as 150 years.
  • Roofing apart from its added benefits also comes easy and cheap. You just have to use it once and you can rest assured about protecting our roof for your entire life as it is not just durable, but also low maintenance. All you need to do to have a maintained slate roofing is check for any tiles that have gotten loose or wash the roof once in a while and you are good to go.
  • There is hardly any wastage of resources in slate roofing. The old slates can also be used to build newer roofs without any damage being caused to them. This also makes it all the more environmentally friendly as the process of recycling is applied here.
  • Slate roofing comes in different colors and textures. You can hire the right roofing contractor to get the slate roofing permanently fixed on to your roof. It makes the roof look more enhanced and beautiful.

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Disadvantages of Slate Roofing:

Although roofing is a very efficient way of protecting the house and at the same time making it look more beautiful, just like any other process, it also comes with certain disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of slate roofing are as mentioned below:

  • Slate roofing may sometimes cost you more than the usual price of roof protecting. States are mostly heavier than other materials and thus some of the houses cannot bear the weight of slate.
  • Installing a slate roof cannot be done by anyone and everyone. Only specialized builders who have proper knowledge about slate can go through the process of slate roofing properly, otherwise, it is a waste of money. Hire licensed slate roofing specialists to get the roofs installed.


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