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What are the 9 Most Common Plumbing Problems?

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Plumbing problems can easily change our habits. Indeed, water, as you well know, is, as they say, the source of life. So, if a situation cuts off the access process for us, it is clear that all of our daily actions will be affected. In other words, even a tiny malfunction in plumbing can seriously impact the course of our lives.

Hence the importance of acting as soon as possible in the event of any malfunction! In this article, we will talk about the plumbing problems. Also, we will guide you about the plumbing situations in which booking plumber services in Faisal Town can save you from stress. We will also be sure to give you some tips that can help you carry out some repairs.

1. The Flowing Faucet

Almost everyone has dealt with this type of problem before: the drops of water that fall into the sink, causing a constant thud and which, over time, becomes tiring. This problem, in addition to being taxing, also concerns water consumption.

2. Toilets that are Blocked

Unless you have more than one bathroom in your home, this is one kind of problem that requires an exit door as quickly as possible. Usually, a simple unblocking process would be sufficient to resolve the situation. But, to get there, you need a suction cup, some drainage tools, and cleaning products.

If this is not possible, or when the problem occurs very often, your best bet would be to call a plumber because the problem’s origins can be much more profound, even at the risk of damaging your toilet.

3. The Toilets are Continuously Flowing

This is a kind of problem that many people have already experienced. Usually, to resolve the situation, you must either hang up the chain or replace the valve in the tank. The continuously flowing toilets cause discharge eventually, which makes it important for you to book plumber services in Lahore as soon as you notice it. The latter will come to assess the situation and provide the appropriate solution.

4. Water Pressure Problems

No need to ask! You had probably taken your shower several times when the water pressure was too low. This is inevitably one of the most unpleasant experiences you have had in a shower. You are not the only one to know this problem. Indeed, it is prevalent in probably all homes. What is more distressing, of course, is the difficulties associated with detecting the possible causes of water pressure problems. However, here are some possible explanations:

  • Your showerhead is dirty;
  • Your pipes have been affected by corrosion;

To fix the problem yourself, start by cleaning your shower head, not forgetting the aerators on your faucets.

5. Flush Water No Longer Fills (Or slowly)

Your float no longer plays its role, that of allowing water to enter the tank. Depending on the region and the quality of the water, it can quickly become clogged with limestone. But generally, it is rather advisable to replace the complete block: float and mechanism. Because if you have to limit yourself only to replace the float, it is clear that the mechanism will not belong in making its own.

6. Your Drains are Clogged

Yet another very recurring problem! Like most people, we’re sure you don’t have to worry about a thing at all when your empty things in your tub, sink, or toilet. To unclog drains to facilitate water flow, you can opt for one of the many existing solutions.

For example, you can use specific products to break down the elements at the root of the blockage. However, make sure that they are high quality, as a harmful effect can damage the piping.

To be sure, check the internet or check the packaging. This is even more important when you have old and already damaged plumbing.

7. Water Rises to an Inappropriate Place

Does the water you run in the sink come back through the shower or the tub? This malfunction, know it, is a sign of a blockage in your pipes. The water should flow through a special drain. If it is clogged, it takes the opposite path and runs through the rest of the installation.

To quickly remedy this, book a professional plumber in Faisal Town online through an app like Mr. Mahir app. This should be able to detect the precise location of your installation where the plug may have been installed more quickly.

8. The Problems of Leaking Pipes

Do you think you are facing a problem with piping leaks? All in all, remember that this is a very delicate situation, in any case. Indeed, identifying where the leak is complicated in this kind of problem unless you have it in front of you. Usually, leaks only occur near joints.

However, that does not exclude the fact that he may have leaked to any other place. Only a qualified plumber can, using his tools, carefully explore all piping systems and identify the source of the flow as well as its cause.

9. Tap Water Goes All Over the Place

If you experience such a situation, there is a good chance that the aerators inside your faucet are faulty: they are either clogged (full of lime) or broken. The water, therefore, no longer flows as it should. Instead of coming straight into the sink, it can come out everywhere.

To remedy this situation, dismantle your faucet, recover the aerators therein, and finally clean them to remove the limescale. The other possible solution is to change the aerators or the tap itself. If you do not feel like investing time and energy in fixing the tap, you can book best plumber in Lahore online.

When Exactly Should a Plumber Be Called in?

We have mentioned it many times in the previous paragraphs, but we will come back to it to situate you more. Indeed, to avoid any risk, it is best always to book plumber services in Faisal Town when you notice a problem with your plumbing. Being professionals in the field and undoubtedly experienced, they are the only ones who can accurately identify the type of problem and solve it without creating others that could do long-term damage.

Finally, it should be remembered that plumbing is essential in our daily life. The reason why in case of any problem, we should hasten to find a solution. Likewise, since not all plumbing is designed the same, professional help can be very important in some cases. Complex installations such as the water heater, the boiler, and the pipes must be entrusted to a plumber. Thus, they will be better repaired, avoiding repeated breakdowns.


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