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What Are Some Notable Benefits of Spiral Conveyors?

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Manufacturing companies and warehouse distributors depend daily on conveyor systems. This is what they use to move products from one location to another. Ultimately, these systems save time, speed up production, and reduces the number of errors when handling materials.

Currently, more than 20 different types of systems exist, including one supplied by spiral conveyor manufacturers. This particular equipment transfers loads from one level to the next. The best thing about it, it moves quickly and operates efficiently. Especially for multi-tier work environments such as mezzanines, this system is an incredible asset.

Top Spiral Conveyor Manufacturers Share Key Benefits

Without question, the spiral conveyor system is unique. With an innovative design, it can accomplish so much more than comparable systems. The following are a few examples of why so many industries rely on this particular type of equipment.

  • Two Distinct Options – This conveyor system gets broken down into two main categories. These include the tunnel system and the freezer system. Keep in mind that spiral freezer manufacturers typically sell both types. The food and beverage industry primarily uses the freezer system to move frozen products from top to ground level.
  • Energy-efficient – Operating a conveyor system is costly, especially if it runs 24×7. However, this is where the spiral system is different. Compared to other conveying options, this one requires little horsepower to operate. The reason is there aren’t any frictional losses between the drum and chain. Also, the drum size is much smaller, so it doesn’t take as much power to turn it.
  • Space-saving – The best spiral conveyor manufacturers also state that due to this system’s design, it doesn’t need much space. Remember, rather than run horizontally, this conveyor moves vertically. For companies that need to transfer materials from one level to another but have limited space, this is ideal.
  • Available With Vertical Accumulation Buffering – For products that need to make several stops along the conveyor route to allow other machines to perform tasks, it’s possible to create accumulation buffering. For this, a customer can link one or more spiral systems. This also works great for products that need additional time to cure, cool, or dry.
  • Low Maintenance – Some conveyors require a significant amount of maintenance. This is usually associated with more complex systems. However, both tunnel and spiral freezer manufacturers agree that this setup is much easier to maintain.

Your Best Source for Conveyor Systems, Parts, and Components

As a leader among tunnel and spiral freezer manufacturers, you can turn to us for any of your conveying needs. To ask questions or get a free quote, call Conovey today. We look forward to serving you as a valued customer.


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