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What Are Skin Tags and How to Get Rid of Them?

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Skin tags are non-malignant growths on your skin that are prevalent in older adults. These skin lesions are also commonplace in young obese people. Usually, skin tags can be found in those areas that have significant skin folds like the neck, eyes, and armpits. Skin tags are not painful, and people seek skin tag removal for cosmetic purposes. However, if skin tags are present on your eyelid, you can expect some disturbance in vision. In this article, we will discuss some ways to get rid of skin tags from your eyelids.

Ways to get rid of skin tags:

Skin tags are very prevalent in diabetic, obese, and older adults. These are often harmless, but you can feel pain if you accidentally snag them. Older people often complain of unclear vision because of larger skin tags on eyelids. In this case, it is wise to remove them. Females often seek skin tag removal because of aesthetic issues. Most of the time, skin tags can be removed with simple DIY hacks. In advanced cases, you may need a surgical approach. There are eye clinics that offer skin tag removal in Calgary as well as other parts of Canada. You can consult an eye doctor in your area if you need an expert opinion about skin tags on your eyelids. Following are some home remedies, over-the-counter and surgical options to get rid of skin tags:

Home remedies:

In most cases, skin tags don’t require any surgical approach. You can quickly get rid of them by using some easy yet effective home remedies. The purpose of these home remedies is to dry out the skin around your skin tags to shed naturally. These remedies are more beneficial if your skin tags are fresh.

1. Tea tree oil:

The antiviral and antifungal benefits of tea tree oil are already established. It is a very safe and effective home remedy to get rid of skin tags. All you need to do is, clean your eyes thoroughly and apply a small amount of tea tree oil on the skin tag with the help of a cotton swab. It is better if you cover that area overnight. Use this method for a few nights, and you will notice that the skin tag is drying out. It will automatically fall off in a few days.

2. Banana peel:

Another famous home remedy for skin tags is the application of banana peel. Simply apply the banana peel to the affected area and cover it for the whole night. You need to use this remedy for several nights until the skin tag is dried out completely.

3. Apple cider vinegar:

There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is also used against skin tags because of its acidic nature. Soak a cotton swab into a cup of apple cider vinegar and apply it to your skin tag. Cover the skin tag with a bandage and leave it for around thirty minutes. Wash your eyes after that. Apply apple cider vinegar for a few days, and your skin tag will be long gone.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is considered an anti-ageing vitamin because it is very effective for skin healing. As skin tags are more prevalent in older adults, it makes sense to use vitamin E to eliminate skin tags. Use liquid vitamin E and apply it to your eyelid. It is also very beneficial in the case of droopy eyelids. You can expect results in two to three days.

OTC products:

Over-the-counter products that are specifically made for skin tags can be very beneficial. You can easily purchase them from nearby stores. The best results are expected from the products that provide freezing impacts because skin tags can be removed if you reduce the local skin temperature as low as -58°F. There are specific products available to remove skin tags on eyelids. Eye-friendly creams and sprays are often used as OTC products for skin tags on eyelid removal.

Surgical removal:

In advance cases, surgical procedures are recommended for skin tag removal. Your eye doctor can guide you about the best surgical option. Skin tags on eyelid removal surgeries usually involve cauterization or cryosurgery. These two options are more conventional.

  • Cauterization: in this approach, your eye surgeon will use heat to get rid of the skin tag. Mild irritation is normal.
  • Cryosurgery: Opposite to cauterization, cryosurgery utilizes liquid nitrogen spray to freeze the local area. Then the skin tag is removed.
  • Conventional Surgery: It is often reserved for complicated cases. Your eye surgeon may snip the skin tag by utilizing surgical scissors. It may cause bleeding.


Skin tags are harmless and often present in older adults. Skin tag on eyelid removal can be achieved with the help of home remedies. You can also use some over-the-counter products to get rid of your skin tags. You can also find an eye doctor for skin tag removal in Calgary or wherever you live.


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