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What are sectional doors, what are they for?

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To begin, it is important to mention that Sectional Doors are those that open in a vertical direction and remain under the ceiling. In this way, a lot of space can be saved and the door is completely protected.

Although Sectional Doors are quite common and more and more people are opting for this option to improve the appearance of their homes or premises, the reality is that it is very important to analyze the space where you want to install it to make sure that it will adapt perfectly its characteristics. For this reason, it is vitally important that before making your purchase you advise the seller very well so that you make a good choice.

So, if you are thinking of installing a Sectional Door either in your home or business, take a look at the information that appears below so that you know everything about this type of door.


Typically, sectional doors are used in garages, entrances to large buildings or homes, warehouses, businesses, among others. This taking into account that its large size allows for better management and organization of spaces.

In the same way, Sectional Doors can be an excellent option if you want to have enough space to move large objects or if you want to improve lighting and give a place greater visibility. Well, thanks to its breadth, no business or warehouse will go unnoticed. So, if you have a business, do not hesitate to install one of these doors, it will undoubtedly help you to attract more public attention. And the safest thing is that your sales will increase significantly.


Sectional Doors can be found in various materials, among the most common are: solid wood,steel, and aluminum. However, mixed doors have also taken a lot of strength, that is, those that mix different materials such as: PVC, aluminum, wood and glass. This taking into account that these types of mixtures not only significantly improve the appearance of the door, but also have great resistance to external damage.

In this case, the less common Sectional Doors are those that are made with wood, because although they are of very good quality, they are not as resistant as other types of doors. Which is why these fashion styles are often found more indoors and in more exclusive and special places.

On the other hand, steel must be careful of dampness, as it can rust easily and the door can deteriorate significantly. For this reason, it is very important that it is always very well protected and in case it gets too wet, proceed to dry it very well so that its appearance is not affected.

Finally, aluminum can be quite a malleable material. So, you must be very careful of blows that are too strong so that it does not lose its shape and continue to function properly.


  • They are silent:  Most Sectional Doors are quite silent and this provides greater comfort to the people who are around. Although in some occasions the passage of time can cause them to sound a little, it is essential to perform good maintenance frequently so that they do not become too noisy.
  • They present good resistance:  Despite the fact that in some cases the materials with which this type of doors is manufactured can be affected by external factors, the reality is that if they are in a safe place and are properly cared for, they will last many years. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance or overdo it on care, you just need to know how to handle your door properly.
  • They adapt perfectly to all spaces:  This type of door can be perfectly combined with all decoration styles and with the characteristics of the places. It can be a business, a warehouse, a garage, a country house, a modern and elegant building, anywhere they look good. Of course, it is important that before choosing a door, you make sure that it combines with the other doors and windows of your home or business.

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