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What are pediatric dental crowns made of?

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It is a natural concern for parents to wonder if the crown protecting the decay treated tooth, is actually made of child friendly materials. The pediatric crowns have been safer considering the tender age at which they are seated onto the tooth. These pediatric dental crowns are made of metal, alloys and non-metallic substances which can endure chewing force and would not break easily considering the protective roles they play. These are prepared beforehand or trimmed to suit the tooth space. Indeed, these are life saving artifacts for the correction of the dental complications that usually occurs in kids and often affects them for life long if left untreated or partially treated.

The pediatric crowns cost on an average $300-$500. The cost of each crown is realised by the materials assembled to produce them. Here is a brief of the various kinds of pediatric dental crowns to protect the toddler’s tooth from damaging permanently and affecting the growth of permanent tooth sets later on. The crowns aim for perfection in form while covering the molars, which are more susceptible to dental caries formation. Oral hygiene is a delicate topic when it comes to children. And it is perfectly safe to have pediatric dental crowns to rectify the tooth deformities, shielding the already afflicted tooth from germ attacks and so on.

Main Types of Pediatric Dental Crowns

  • The most basic type of crown for the young molar (poor aesthetics) is made of steel. It is an alloy yet comes from the parent metal- iron which is combined with other metals such as chromium and also includes carbon. These are either available in kits with the pediatric dentist or customized, trimmed and shaped to suit the baby tooth. Inexpensive crowns with lasting protection- $ 200-$500 per tooth
  • Composite Strip crowns are filled into a plastic tooth shaped material which is pressed onto the tooth and when the composite hardens, the cover is removed; to get the hard tooth structure. These are prominently used to correct the anterior tooth (near to the front but not exactly the front teeth). These are not that strong and the procedure must be carefully done to avoid air holes and moisture meddling with the same. Costing $ 250-$ 400
  • Polycarbonate Crowns are aesthetically perfect, made from resin and polycarbonate or acrylic substances. These are great for temporary seating, prepared separately and seated onto the tooth with dental cement. They can come in $ 212-$350.
  • PFM crowns or porcelain fused into meal crowns combine the strength of stainless steel crowns and the tooth like appearance of the porcelain crowns. These are cheaper than the all porcelain crowns ($250-$300), costing around $ 300-$450
  • Veneered steel crowns for front tooth protection are the best choices to consider when the incisor baby tooth is concerned. It has a front portion of porcelain while the back portion of the tooth is encased with a steel layer. Costs less than all porcelain crowns.
  • Zirconia crowns are the strongest alternative but are not that frequently used for baby teeth as they fall off and zirconia is a more permanent type of tooth crown material. These are quite expensive.


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